Transformational Synergies in AEDP, Spirituality and Psychedelics: Harnessing transformational processes to accelerate the journey into flourishing.

3-DAY SEMINAR, LIVE ONLINE, July 21 – 23, 2022: Kari Gleiser, PhD, Lead Presenter


Malin Endredi, MA
Deborah Lee-Thornby, MA
Sonya Parker, MSW, LSSW, LCSW
Gabriela Pessoa-Mendes, BA
Heloise (Lois) Ridley, MBA, MA, LPC, NCC
Jason Trowbridge, LMFT

Who Should Attend

An All Levels seminar intended for Psychologists, Psychoanalysts, Social Workers, Counselors/Marriage and Family Therapists, Creative Arts Therapists.


Spirituality can be a taboo subject in psychotherapeutic circles, though it is an important dimension in many of our patients’ lives and subjective searches for transcendent meaning. In this workshop, we will explore parallels between emotional elements of a transformative experiential psychotherapy (AEDP) and characteristics of spiritual experiences and psychedelic healing journeys. Shared phenomena such as deep connection to self and others, gratitude, awe, reverence, compassion, love, expanded states of consciousness, and a truth sense bridge the worlds of psychotherapy and spirituality.

In this workshop, we will explore in depth the phenomenology and clinical unfolding of the process of transformation itself. One of the most unique and revolutionary elements of AEDP’s emotional processing trajectory is the focus on the affective markers of the process of change itself. While other emotion-focused therapies may elucidate theories and guide interventions that facilitate the movement from distress/ defensive states to the full processing of core adaptive emotions, in AEDP, this is only the first step. After the turbulence of intense emotional experiencing, how do therapists guide patients to keep the momentum moving through the full process of transformation?

We will track the affective markers of transformational experience in a session of a patient with Complex PTSD and Dissociative Disorder NOS, witnessing how the swell of powerful emotional experiences such as awe, gratitude and tremulousness herald a new way of apprehending self, other and the world. Finally, we will explore synergies between 1. emotional hallmarks and states of consciousness evoked in AEDP’s State 3 and 4 work; 2. the transformative power of mystical and spiritual experiences; 3. the healing potential of psychedelic medicines.

Community-Based Format

This workshop will be presented in a novel, community-based format, with multiple presenters from Brazil, Sweden, the US, as well as AEDP’s Vision Collective exploratory group on Spirituality. The workshop will feature several AEDP sessions of poignant State 3 &4 work, as well as an experiential exercise, small discussion groups led by presenters, a moderated panel discussion with all presenters and a live demo. This workshop will be highly interactive and experiential, inviting wisdom from participants as well as presenters across a wide range of spiritual and cultural traditions.

Learning Objectives

  • Recognize State 3 markers of tremulous affects.
  • Recognize State 3 markers of mastery affects.
  • Identify State 3 markers of exuberance affects.
  • List State 3 markers of healing affects.
  • Describe the phenomenology of core state.
  • Demonstrate clinical skills implementing state 3 & 4 interventions.
  • Compare and contrast psychotherapy practice with spiritual practice.
  • Consider the goodness of fit between AEDP and psychedelic psychotherapy.
  • Discriminate the underlying mechanisms of transformational experiences across AEDP, mystical experiences, psychedelic medicines.
  • Describe neurobiological theories of transformational experience.
  • Role-play clinical moments involving transformational experience to practice above skills.
  • Identify synergies between AEDP, spiritual and psychedelic experiences.

Seminar Agenda

Meet the Lead Presenter

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Meet the Copresenters – see bios below

Dates, Times, Location

Thursday, July 21 – Saturday July 23, 2022

10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time USA + Canada

Location: Live, Online

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Copresenters’ Bios

Malin Endredi, MA, is an AEDP Certified Therapist and Certified Supervisor. Malin specializes in healing attachment trauma though very relational interventions, portrayals and parts work. The work aims to integrate dissociated child parts, hence fostering secure attachment and helping clients be in touch with core self. This is also a place, in AEDP work, where clients sometimes describe having a spiritual experience.

Malin is active in the Swedish and international AEDP community. She has co-hosted the AEDP Salon in Stockholm. In AEDP trainings Malin has assisted, lead assisted and presented. Malin is engaged in the AELC.

Deborah Lee-Thornby, MA, is a certified AEDP therapist and an AEDP supervisor in training. She has attended numerous AEDP trainings, and assisted at many Immersion, ES1, ES2 and Core Training courses. As a founding member of the Portland, Oregon AEDP Steering Committee she has hosted several AEDP faculty-led workshops.

Deb is in private practice in Portland. She works with couples and individuals, specializing in relationships and sexuality. As a certified yoga instructor she incorporates mindfulness, breath and movement into her work with patients. Deb has a master’s degree in Applied Behavioral Science from the Leadership Institute of Seattle where she learned to lead process groups and create experiential curriculum for adult learners.

Deb is astounded by the rapid changes she has seen her clients make when helped to surrender to the healing and wisdom inherent within themselves. She delights in accompanying clients in transformative experiences and the unhindered expressions of love, compassion, creativity and joy that are a part of opening to their best selves.

Sonya Parker, LCSW, RYT-200, Level II AEDP Therapist, is a member of the AEDP Vision Collective and Lead Chair of the Racialized Trauma and Spirituality in AEDP Vision Collective Exploratory Group. As a licensed therapist and Registered Yoga Teacher, Sonya uses a holistic approach to therapy grounded in attachment, relational, emotion and somatic-mindfulness modalities. Sonya has provided both individual and couples therapy in her career. She is currently researching constructs to expand the AEDP model to integrate spirituality as part of the transformational AEDP process of healing and mitigation of racialized trauma and oppression experienced by people of African ancestry and BIPOC communities in the United States.

Gabriela Pessoa-Mendes, BA, is an AEDP Certified Therapist. Gabriela has been working with attachment trauma through the lens of AEDP since 2010. Relational and experiential work are key in Gabriela’s sessions – which also integrates Somatic Experiencing training by Peter Levine and mindfulness. Gabriela works as a mindfulness trainer as well, certified by MTI – Mindfulness Trainings International. Both of her practices as a mindfulness teacher and as an AEDP therapist are more than just work, they are an authentic and meaningful way of living and being in life.

Heloise (Lois) Ridley, LPC, NCC, is an AEDP Level 1 Therapist; she is an active member of the AEDP Vision Collective. Lois is founder of New Hope Counseling and Wellness in Pennsylvania where she
supports families and individuals in their journey toward healing relational attachment trauma.
She also counsels at Wilkes University Counseling Center. Lois explores use of the AEDP model
in support of clients who have experienced racialized and other forms of childhood trauma. As a
doctoral candidate at Wilkes University, she researches the utilization of culturally responsive
trauma informed care in higher education settings for students of color.  Lois is also investigating
the intersectionality of psychology and faith.

Jason Trowbridge, MA, MFT, is an AEDP Certified Therapist.  Jason’s work has been based in attachment theory since 2007 when he began studying Emotionally Focused Therapy for couples treatment.  About ten years later, he began formally learning AEDP.  Jason specializes in Intra-Relational AEDP and avidly studies dissociative phenomena and different modalities for working with parts of self.  He has been involved in AEDP research and assists at AEDP training events.  Increasingly, he has been focused on the interface between AEDP and spiritual/religious practice.

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