AEDP™ SEMINAR LIVE ONLINE 2023: Kari Gleiser, PhD, Senior Faculty

An Introduction to the Intra-relational Triangle: AEDP, Complex Trauma and Parts work

May 12, 2023
5:30 – 9:30 pm Eastern Time USA

This seminar is intended for Psychologists, Psychoanalysts, Social Workers, Counselors/Marriage and Family Therapists, Creative Arts Therapists.


Complex attachment trauma can sever and/or inhibit the formation of deep and lasting bonds between self and other, self and self, self and emotion. The practice of AEDP, an empirically-supported treatment model, includes key elements to foster the healing of trauma, the integration of dissociative parts and the co-construction of deep, trusting relationships. Such trusting relationships can rekindle neuroplasticity to restructure insecure attachment patterns, promote safe emotional processing and transform trauma into flourishing.

We will explore, in depth, elements such as the explicit use of relational interventions to build safety and containment, dyadic regulation of intense traumatic affects of fear, shame, and overwhelm, as well as reconnection to healing emotion via processing of core affect – all in the context of a patient with a history of complex trauma and significant dissociation. We will view this case through the lens of intra-relational interventions, which place dual emphasis on internal attachment relationships formed through affective interchanges between distinct parts of the self, and on the intrinsic healing power of new emotional experiences. Parallel relational processes unfolding simultaneously within the external dyad (i.e. therapist/client) and internal dyads (i.e. client/dissociated ego-states) facilitate and accelerate the internalization of secure attachment dynamics. Strengthening these connections instills safety and containment which, in turn, segue into transformative affect work and deep processing of traumatic memories.

Learning Objectives:

  • Apply AEDP key elements to foster the healing of complex trauma, and the integration of dissociative parts.
  • Demonstrate competency in working with the intra-relational triangle to craft relational clinical interventions.
  • Identify and mitigate risks in applying AEDP to complex trauma and dissociative disorders.
  • Demonstrate explicit use of relational interventions with different parts of the self of the patient.
  • List three intra-relational interventions for building secure internal attachment.

Meet the Presenter

Kari Gleiser, PhD

Kari is a senior faculty member of the AEDP Institute.  In her private practice, she specializes in applying AEDP to the treatment of complex trauma and dissociation. For 14 years, Dr. Gleiser was the co-founder/co-director of the Center for Integrative Health in Hanover, NH, a trauma center dedicated to multi-modal healing of mind, body and spirit. Dr. Gleiser has co-developed an “intra-relational” model of therapy that imports AEDP’s relational and experiential interventions to patients’ internal systems of dissociated self-states. Dr. Gleiser has written clinical papers and book chapters and presents internationally on trauma treatment. She also explores the intersection of psychotherapy and spirituality, as well as the emerging field of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy. She now lives in Tuscany, Italy.

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May 12, 2023

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5:30 – 9:30 pm Eastern Time USA
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