AEDP SEMINAR, LIVE ONLINE, 2022: Benjamin Lipton, LCSW:

AEDP’s TOP 10 H.I.T.S.: Ten Highly Impactful Therapeutic Skills for turbocharging your AEDP practice

Friday December 16 + Saturday December 17, 2022 
11:00 am – 3:00 pm Eastern Standard Time USA + Canada

This seminar is intended for Psychologists, Psychoanalysts, Social Workers, Counselors/Marriage and Family Therapists, Creative Arts Therapists. Course Content Level: Beginner + Intermediate + Advanced


This seminar consolidates the “Top 10” highly impactful therapeutic Skills (HITS), plus a few more, for good measure, that I have found to be most essential, effective and broadly applicable over the course of my 20 years as an AEDP therapist, supervisor and teacher.  The overarching intention of the workshop is to invigorate your experientially-focused clinical practice and boost your confidence in and capacity for the “how to” of AEDP.  As we all know, while talking the talk of psychological theory is a rich and rewarding experience, it does not automatically translate into being an effective clinician.  This seminar, by contrast, will shine a bright light on the specifics of successfully “walking the talk” of AEDP.  Together, we’ll focus skill by skill and video by video on the practical aspects of AEDP practice.  Whether you are brand new to AEDP or farther along in your AEDP skills development, you will leave this seminar with new and effective experiential tools for your AEDP clinical toolkit.

Main Points of Seminar:

  • Learn new and effective experiential tools for your AEDP clinical toolkit
  • Consolidate the highly impactful therapeutic Skills in AEDP
  • Invigorate experientially-focused clinical practice
  • Boost your confidence in and capacity for the “how to” of AEDP
  • The specifics of successfully “walking the talk” of AEDP.
  • Focusing on the practical aspects of AEDP practice

Learning Objectives:

  • Translate AEDP theoretical concepts (“talking the talk” of AEDP) into specific clinical techniques (“walking the talk” of AEDP)
  • Restructure your biggest obstacles to matching your client’s vulnerability with your own therapeutic bravery
  • Formulate your particular understanding of the relationship between emergence and goal-directedness in effective treatment
  • Develop your capacities of therapeutic presence and paraverbal skillfulness to deepen safety and facilitate emotion processing to completion
  • Use at least two new experiential interventions to facilitate and support transformance (the potential for positive change) in the therapy dyad
  • Classify moment-to-moment clinical phenomena according to the AEDP 4 State Model
  • Analyze and then translate the Triangle of Experience (how emotional experience comes to be structured) into actionable interventions via moment-to-moment tracking of the clinical process
  • Choose two specific categories of therapeutic skills (relational, anxiety regulating, emotion processing, etc.) to expand upon for your clinical toolkit
  • Create an action plan to implement experiential skills that challenge you at the edges of your clinical comfort zone.

Meet the Presenter

Benjamin Lipton, LCSW

Benjamin Lipton, LCSW, is a Senior and founding Faculty member of the AEDP Institute. He has been instrumental in the development and teaching of AEDP across the US and in Canada, Sweden, Israel, Norway, and Denmark. He also supervises individuals and small groups of clinicians learning AEDP around the world. A sought after teacher and speaker, Ben is known for his open and engaging style, his humor, and his particular ability to translate complex theoretical concepts into user-friendly, accessible and engaging learning experiences. Ben has edited a book and contributed many book chapters and articles in psychology and social service journals as well as mainstream magazines. His most recent publication is a chapter on therapeutic presence in Undoing Aloneness & the Transformation of Suffering Into Flourishing: AEDP 2.0 edited by Diana Fosha. During the height of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the US, Ben was the Director of Clinical Services at Gay Men’s Health Crisis (GMHC), (Read More…)

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Friday December 16 + Saturday December 17, 2022 

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11:00 am – 3:00 pm Eastern Standard Time USA + Canada
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