Using the Somatic Portal in AEDP™ Psychotherapy

AEDP™ Institute Advanced Skills Course (ASM)

with Sigal Bahat, MA

Thursday, March 30 – Sunday April 2, 2023
10:00 am – 2:00 pm Eastern Time US

Who the Advanced Skills Course is for:

  • AEDP Level 2 clinicians who have completed Immersion plus either Essential Skills (ES1), or Core Training, or the equivalent in AEDP supervision (30 hours Small Group or 20 hours Individual).
  • AEDP Level 3+ clinicians are encouraged to participate while refreshing AEDP skills and reconnecting with faculty and community.

A note from Sigal

After decades of experience as a dynamic experiential psychotherapist and teaching somatic-mindfulness approaches, I came to realize that I have a very particular way of working in AEDP – one that actively engages the intra-intimate-connections between psyche & soma. It is what I call “Using the Somatic Portal in AEDP.”

This course will bring to the fore elaborations in how to use this portal as a resource in different aspects of our AEDP work – therapeutic presence, defense work, state two work, promoting neuroplasticity and more.
Simply put, using the somatic portal will enhance and deepen your AEDP therapeutic work – help in slowing it down, thus paradoxically accelerate it.

This module will expand the conceptual integration between psyche and soma and will translate it into useful somatic interventions according to the specific role the AEDP therapist has in each of the 4 stages of the model map.

We will have both didactic teaching with video illustration and experiential exercises guided by our dedicated and knowledgeable experiential assistants.

I look forward to sharing the richness of this entry Portal with you. I hope it will inspire you, expand your capacity in helping your clients, and will leave you with the taste for more.


Course Description

AEDP Psychotherapy is a rich multi-faceted model, with multiple entry portals through which to enhance the therapeutic process and support change for the better. As therapists, we choose the portal both through tuning into what works for our patients – as well as – according to what feels comfortable for us as therapists and our set of skills and interventions.

AEDP is known to be a highly experiential model. Truth is, there is no Experiencing-In-The-Moment without the body. The somatic portal is an immense ever-existing resource, bearing a different function at each of the Four States noted by the AEDP model’s primary map: The Phenomenology of the Four-State Transformational Process in AEDP. In this module, through didactic and video presentation, we’ll deepen our understanding of the different uses of The Somatic Portal in each of the Four States. Through the experiential group exercises, as therapists we’ll have opportunities to practice guiding clients through a variety of somatic interventions, and as clients we’ll have the opportunity to directly experience the impact of somatically focused interventions.

Main Points:

  • The somatic portal as an ever-existing moment-to-moment powerful resource, which is always there, and we can use as therapists.
  • Cultivating the Somatic-energetic Spectacles to better identify and evaluate the state of the patient and energetic shifts for the worst or for the better that are taking place in the moment.
  • The role of the somatic portal and relevant somatic interventions in co-creating safety and dyadic regulation – work in state 1.
  • The role of the somatic portal and relevant somatic interventions in deepening emotional expression – work in state 2.
  • The role of the somatic portal and relevant somatic interventions in supporting weaving into integration transformational affects and change for the better – work in state 3.
  • The role of the somatic portal and relevant somatic interventions is supporting deepening core state – work in state 4.
  • The relationships between the therapist self-use of the somatic portal and the therapist’s embodied presence. Somatic interventions to self-regulate us as therapists.

Learning Objectives:

  • Evaluate, moment-to-moment, at what stage of the AEDP phenomenological map the Patient is.
  • Identify and explain the role of the therapist in each of the stages of the AEDP map.
  • Apply different somatic interventions according to patient states.
  • Use somatic interventions to by-pass or melt patient defense organization.
  • Evaluate the patient’s sense of safety vs anxiety or defense when as you track moment-to-moment somatic markers.
  • Down-regulate anxiety with somatic interventions.
  • Up-regulate patient low energy with somatic interventions.
  • Develop a more holistic, mind-body-psych-ANS perception of defense organizations.
  • Role-play somatic interventions in different stages of the AEDP map.
  • Use somatic interventions to self-regulate, deduce therapist’s own anxiety, and deepen therapist’s capacity for embodied presence.
  • Demonstrate flexibility and creativity as therapist, while embodying a self-regulated therapeutic presence.
  • Restructure patient’s perspective, based on their first-hand experience lead by the therapist of the unity of mind-psyche-body-ANS.

Location, Dates & Times

Location: Live Online and highly interactive
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Dates: Four 4-hour Days: Thursday, March 30 – Sunday April 2, 2023

Times: Daily (Hours per day)
10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. Eastern Time USA

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Fees, Scholarships & CE

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Meet the Presenter

Sigal Bahat, MA

Sigal Bahat, MA is a faculty member of AEDP™ Institute. She teaches and supervises AEDP, in Israel, US and internationally, and leads an Israeli AEDP Core Training group. She has a private practice in Israel and also works remotely. Sigal started her career as a Dance Movement Therapist, and then completed training both as an Expressive & Creative psychotherapist, and as a Bio-energetic Analyst. She is certified and has many years of experience as a teacher of somatic-mindfulness approaches. The Alexander Technique, The Feldenkrais Method and Authentic Movement. Meeting AEDP and Dr. Diana Fosha met a decades-long quest to actively engage the intra-intimate-connections between psyche & soma. Sigal on AEDP: “At last I met a model that made sense to me in the deepest manner, both theoretically and clinically – (Read More…)

More Information

Level 3+ AEDPers are encouraged to participate to refresh AEDP skills and reconnecting with faculty and community.

Advanced Skills Course Overview: Practical in orientation, every Advanced Skills Course focuses on helping you both learn new, Advanced AEDP skills, and cultivate and fine-tune the AEDP skills you already have. Each course will include didactic presentations of theory along with video of actual clinical sessions conducted by AEDP Faculty followed by an afternoon of small group experiential exercises.

In both left-brained and right-brained ways, our Advanced Skills faculty will teach concrete, specific interventions and techniques that will help you with the in-depth practice of AEDP and help you with your more challenging clients.

Instructional Methodology: AEDP skills are introduced with their theoretical foundations and then with illustrations by way of clinical videotapes; skills are then practiced in group experiential exercises. In online courses, exceptionally effective experiential exercises are held in online “breakout rooms.”

Faculty, Experiential Assistants and Clinical Video: These are the hallmarks of all AEDP trainings. In AEDP, we pride ourselves in how thoroughly and deeply we seek to both undo professional aloneness and engage in rigorous clinical teaching.  Our faculty are excellent as academics, clinicians and teachers. Participants deeply appreciate how effectively faculty presenters’ clinical video demonstrates “AEDP in action.” And faculty have skilled accompaniment from a large number of Experiential Assistants – up to and often including one Experiential Assistant for every three participants. Participants rave about the excellent attention and support they receive in this unique learning environment.

To see a listing of AEDP therapists who act as Experiential Assistants, click here.

There is no conflict of interest or commercial support for this program.

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