AEDP Institute

AEDP Training Levels

A therapist’s AEDP Level as listed in our directory, indicates that they’ve completed the training, supervision and/or certification review as described below. If you are an AEDP trained therapist and want to change your Level in our directory, please contact us at

AEDP Level Definitions

The following AEDP Level descriptions apply to the vast majority of AEDP therapists. Exceptions are occasionally made for therapists with exceptional training experiences.

Level 1 AEDP therapists have completed one major AEDP training, usually Immersion or Essential Skills (ES1).

Level 2 AEDP therapists have completed Immersion and either another major AEDP training – usually Essential Skills (ES1) – or a Supervision Option: Core Training, or 30 hours Small Group Supervision or 20 hours Individual Supervision.

Level 3 AEDP therapists must have completed Immersion, and one of the Supervision Options: Core Training, or 30 hours Small Group Supervision, or 20 hours Individual Supervision, PLUS any 2 of the following:
– Essential Skills (ES1),
– Advanced Skills (ES2),
– Core Training,
– 30 hours Small Group Supervision,
– 20 hours Individual Supervision

Certified AEDP Therapists are licensed (or equivalent) clinicians who have completed Level 3 and the AEDP Certification process.

Certified AEDP Therapist & Supervisor: an AEDP Certified Therapist who has completed an additional review process to become a Certified AEDP Supervisor.