Anne Cooper, PsyD

Anne Cooper, PsyD (currently on leave) has been a member of the AEDP Institute faculty for over 10 years. She leads workshops, teaches AEDP group supervision, and offers individual supervision to therapists and graduate students interested in developing skills in AEDP.  Anne has a private practice on the Peninsula in the San Francisco Bay Area where she sees individual adult and adolescent clients. She also offers AEDP supervision in person and on Zoom.

Of special interest to Anne is the explicit use of the relationship between the clinician and patient, not only to create trust and security of attachment, but also as a vessel for transformation in and of itself. Anne is interested in exploring how this type of relational transformation impacts flourishing as well as mitigating the negative impact of trauma. Other interests include cultural competency and AEDP, as well as clinical implications working with Asian Americans, with a special interest in the Filipino Culture. One of Anne’s most memorable AEDP experiences was teaching the first AEDP workshop in Manilla, Philippines, in 2008.