Blair, Simara

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Blair, Simara
AEDP Level
Level I AEDP Training
(954) 800-3433
4160 Logan Dr, Unit 2195
Zip/Postal Code
United States

Hello and welcome to my profile. I'm Simara, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist certified in Perinatal Mental Health with Level 1 AEDP Training. I am also owner of Strength & Serenity Counseling, LLC. I specialize in:
Supporting individuals and couples in Perinatal Mental Health
Christian Counseling
Couples/Marital Counseling
Intergeneration issues for women
Culturally sensitive therapy for BIPOC

I highly value the experience of being there for others and hold therapy as a sacred partnership between therapist and client. It is with deep empathy, compassion, and sincerity that I approach treatment for my clients. I feel honored to be able to walk alongside you through the most ugly, scary, and difficult of times. It takes immense courage and strength to acknowledge the need for help and even more to do something about it. I look forward to journeying with you.

Serving clients in Florida, Georgia, & Missouri.

Accepting the following insurance for Georgia clients only: United HealthCare, Aetna, Oxford, and Oscar Health.

Accepts Insurance