Brittingham, Rachel

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Brittingham, Rachel
AEDP Level
Level I AEDP Training
1025 N. Easton Road #1094
Willow Grove
Zip/Postal Code
Address 2
Please note - I am only currently doing telehealth and can see clients anywhere in PA, NJ, DE and FL
City 2
Cherry Hill
State 2
New Jersey
Zip Code 2
United States
Website 2

You’ve spent a lot of your life just “getting through it”. Despite a lot of difficulties in your childhood, and even your early adult life, you’ve managed to bulldoze through it all and stay on track as much as you could. But now that you’re through it (at least mostly), your past seems to be catching up to you. Your relationships with significant others, friends, family and even yourself seem to be challenging. You’re realizing now that maybe “just getting through it” wasn’t enough, and it is time to get some support for yourself, whether you really want to or not. Slowing down is really difficult, but it's time.

As both a child- and adult-trained therapist, I have a unique understanding of how traumas and patterns within families can impact my clients in deeply rooted ways. I tend to find that even our most "non-sensical" behaviors make sense in the context of our full stories.

I believe that humans are incredibly adaptive and resilient, and we do things because well…they work. Your body and mind are telling you a story and I take it as my job to help us create enough safety to slow down and listen to it so that real change can happen.

I have a passion for creating a safe space for those who are unfamiliar with exploring some of the seemingly scarier parts of themselves; anxiety, anger, depression, and even suicidal ideation. Every part of you deserves to be seen and heard. I am always looking to help create a space for clients where more in-depth and connected exploration can occur, so true healing can begin to happen.

This can feel scary to take on alone, and you shouldn’t have to. I can support you in looking at your own history, as well as your family history, to help you understand yourself deeper, find ways to integrate and care for even the most wounded parts of you, and move forward more freely in whatever way you choose. I have been trained in several modalities that I use with clients; including Internal Family Systems, AEDP, and EMDR. If you feel we may be good fit or have questions, feel free to call me for a free initial phone consultation.

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Accepts Insurance
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Out of Network and able to provide Insurance Reimbursement Statements. VCAP is accepted for payment in the state of PA for those who are accepted into the program.
  • Brittingham, Rachel