Chilton, Andrea, MA, MFT

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Chilton, Andrea, MA, MFT
AEDP Level
Level II AEDP Training
2370 Market Street, #104
San Francisco
Zip/Postal Code
Address 2
2140 Bancroft Way, #202
City 2
State 2
Zip Code 2

As a therapist I am compassionate, respectful, authentic, active, and engaging. My approach is very warm, creating an atmosphere of safety to support your opening and exploring.  I stimulate and challenge you when I sense you are ripe for it.  Together we draw on what happens in your body and your imagination as we work, and I do not check my sense of humor at the door.  My clinical knowledge, sensitivity, intuition and wealth of professional and personal experience allows me to join you in your painful places, encourage and guide you on your path through them, and celebrate your successes as you grow. Without judgment, I use my understanding of you and your inner world to help harmonize your relationship with yourself, and thus others. From this place of greater compassion and awareness, a relaxed confidence settles in, relationships deepen, and personal potential blossoms in ways you may find surprising. Peace and security are drawn inward, making them states that travel with you, wherever you may go.