Doherty, Ciuin

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Doherty, Ciuin
AEDP Level
Level II AEDP Training
4207 Beethoven Ave
Los Angeles
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Originally from Ireland, I moved to California 11 years ago in search of new horizons. It was here that I began my own psychotherapy and found it such a transformative experience that I decided to become a therapist myself. I feel so honored that I now get to support and accompany others on their courageous journeys of self discovery and wholehearted living.

For me, training in AEDP and bringing this approach to my work has been revelatory. The depth of presence, vulnerability and bravery that is required of the AEDP therapist sets the stage for the profound healing that this approach so often engenders. I feel so grateful to sit with people in this deeply human way, right brain to right brain, attuning to the ever-shifting flow of bodily sensations, emotional and relational experience; and getting to tap into the deep truths, and transformational potential that live therein.

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