Katz, MIchal

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Katz, MIchal
Faculty Status
AEDP Institute Faculty Member
AEDP Level
Level III AEDP Training
Har -Hazon St. 2
Kfar Saba
Outside of USA / Canada
Zip/Postal Code
Address 2
Har -Hazon 2
City 2
Kfar Saba
Zip Code 2

Michal Katz: Israel; MA in Psychology. Specialization in educational psychology at the level of a specialist & supervisor, and certified psychotherapist from the University of Haifa. Over the years, I have treated, worked with, and guided psychologists, therapeutic and educational teams, in dealing with children and adolescents with emotional and behavioral regulation difficulties. During the many years in which I acquired my experience, I found it so important to emphasize the quality of the attachment relationship between parents and their young and adolescent children in understanding and treating their difficulties. During the last decade, I have been studying and applying AEDP-accelerated experience dynamic psychotherapy, as a natural and continuous part of my professional development. Through AEDP, I base a focus on emotion and experience in the therapeutic sessions. Nowadays I’m treating difficulties that also include anxiety, depression, trauma and crisis in adolescents and adults. In addition, my approach combines AEDP with my knowledge and expertise in parenting therapy and hopefully be certified in this area soon.

Accepts Insurance
Accepted Insurance Plans
Professional liability insurance, Tiv-Capital: Insurance #0410005225217