Langenauer, Hillel

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Langenauer, Hillel
AEDP Level
Level III AEDP Training
32 Binyamin Mitudela Street
Outside of USA / Canada
Zip/Postal Code
Zip Code 2

I am a caring therapist who understands the difficulty in seeking out therapeutic help, and I endeavor to
make your entry into therapy an experience, not of bending to the requirement of a difficult situation, but of what it is in fact: an act of courage to attempt to bring yourself greater goodness in ways that you so rightly deserve.

I believe that there is a part of you that is not touched by the traumas you may have endured, the illnesses you may be suffering from, or the relationships - old or present - that may be a source of confusion or pain. In my work as a therapist, I seek to help that part - which still retains its natural energy - to come to the fore, to grow, and to become more fully expressed in your life.

In postgraduate training, I specialized in working with 4 populations.
1. Couples - whom I help to build emotional attachment and communication using Emotion Focused
Couples Therapy.
2. Individuals with OCD or with first time depression or anxiety - using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and
Mindfulness based therapies.
3. Individuals with (a) difficult life circumstances or relationships; (b) difficulty regulating emotions; (c) a history of
trauma; or addictions – using AEDP and, bolstering my implementation of AEDP with skills learned in trainings in Somatic Interventions, IFS, Mindfulness, and, when necessary, Schema Therapy and EMDR.
4. With children, teens, and their parents – individually, dyadically, or in family work - as required by the case, using using AEDP, CBT, Parenting Therapy based on
IFS and AEDP, and inspired by Daniel Siegel’s “Parenting from the Inside Out”, child-centered play therapy, and attachment-based dyadic and family work inspired by the work of Daniel Hughes.

Accepts Insurance
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