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AEDP Level
Level I AEDP Training
23343 Mavis Ave #110
Fort Langley
British Columbia
Zip/Postal Code
V1M 2R6
Address 2
2663 Montrose Ave
City 2
State 2
British Columbia
Zip Code 2
V2S 3T5

I seek to hold the light for clients where sometimes it feels there is no light. I seek to walk alongside clients as they explore the impacts of what they experience and connect with their inner wisdom and heart yearnings. What it would mean for you to live from a place that trusts your inner wisdom and lives into the hope of what could be? In this work, I see the client within the context of the family system while holding space for the individual journey.

In relationship counselling, I see the couple and the dance in the relationship with the steps that lead them to both conflict and connection. I embrace individual, couple, and family work. I came to this work after a season in social work assisting in client advocacy with parents of children with special needs. I see parents as the answer for their children and work to see them empowered to be that for their children, while also working with the child as they process the big things they are experiencing.

I work with children, individuals, couples & families through a wide variety of presenting concerns such as anxiety, grief, depression, parenting concerns, disability issues and life transitions. I hold hope for growth, change, and healing in the hard places of life.

With an MA in Marriage and Family Therapy, I am an Associate with the Canadian Association of Marriage and Family Therapists and a Registered Clinical Counsellor in the province of B.C.

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