McCracken, James

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James McCracken, MSW, LCSW - Durham, NC
AEDP Level
Certified AEDP Therapist
3326 Durham Chapel Hill Blvd, B-130
North Carolina
Zip/Postal Code
United States
Website 2

I primarily serve clients who present with intimate and familial relationship distress including problems with closeness, intimacy, trust, commitment, betrayal and unresolved loss, as well as parenting difficulties. I am also a Certified Emotionally Focused Therapy Practitioner & Supervisor and integrate both EFT & AEDP in my practice with couples, families and individuals. Alongside and beyond my other training, I have come to understand and experience AEDP uniquely offers opportunities to activate and enhance healing in individual, couple and family therapies. The theory and practice of AEDP fit with a core belief I hold that we are born healthy... good inside... we adapt to what has happened to us along life's path, and it is in relationship we are meant to heal, reclaim who are meant to be, and grow. Please visit my website to read more or reach out to me to talk about working together.

Also, I am the Clinical Director of a group practice (North Carolina Therapy Professionals, PLLC) which employs therapists who emphasize attachment-informed, relational, humanistic and experiential therapies including AEDP. If I am not the right fit or am unavailable, we have more folks who may be.

North Carolina Therapy Professionals, PLLC
Institutional Affiliations
Former Faculty UNC School of Medicine
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