Mendonça, Cristina Frota

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Mendonça, Cristina Frota
AEDP Level
Certified AEDP Therapist
+55 21982341166
Phone 2
+39 3317608864
Rua Timoteo da Costa 100
Rio de Janeiro
Outside of USA / Canada
Zip/Postal Code

Cristina Mendonca is an AEDP certified clinical psychologist. She has a vast international private practice from Rio de Janeiro to Rome, where she has moved to. After completing the Immersion course in 2013, she was absolutely taken by the AEDP model and since has been deeply engaged in making it procedural. She also did a lot of learning assisting on in person trainings held online in Rio, London, New York and loads of online trainings. She is also on her track to become a supervisor. AEDP has “undone her therapist’s self aloneness” and changed her professional life’s trajectory for good. Cristina is exceptionally honored to have been invited to be a Lead Assistant by Karen Pando Mars in 2021.

Supervisor of Therapists in Training
Accepts Insurance