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Therapists included in this directory are listed according to their level of training in AEDP  (i.e. roughly number of AEDP training hours); AEDP Level does not correlate to the therapist’s overall experience as a clinician. To learn more about AEDP Levels, click here.

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Mile, Tiana
AEDP Level
Certified AEDP Therapist
75 Manhattan Drive, Suite 208
Zip/Postal Code
United States

I walk alongside adults of all ages who are experiencing anxiety, depression, trauma, grief, life transitions, and/or relationship and life challenges in all of Colorado. I have a specialization of working with those in healthcare (including but not limited to therapists, social workers, doctors, nurses, First Responders, educators, and parents) wanting a space to experience deep shifts and healing both internally and relationally, re-organize inner patterns that are no longer serving you, process and integrate trauma experiences, and build a nurturing relationship with yourself. Through doing this work focused on neuroplasticity, mindfulness, self-compassion, and resilience, you can experience deep neurological, emotional, social, and spiritual changes and can increase your capacity to be a healing presence in the world. In addition to AEDP, I have advanced training in acute and complex trauma (from the work of Janina Fisher, Peter Levine, and Pat Odgen); am a trained Mindfulness Educator; have trained extensively in Somatic Therapy; and have a deep passion around Polyvagal Theory and working with the nervous system. I work with clients of all ages, genders, races, identities, and orientations. I work remotely and in person.

Supervisor of Therapists in Training
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