Andrade, Penelope, LCSW

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Andrade, Penelope, LCSW
AEDP Level
Certified AEDP Therapist & Supervisor
12930 Calle de las Rosas
San Diego
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I have been a therapist and Buddhist meditator for over 40 years. I have been delighted to find
my forever home in AEDP. AEDP therapy integrates my training, experience, and decades long
commitment as both a practitioner of psychotherapy and mindfulness. Of the many aspects of
AEDP that I treasure, bringing into exquisite focus the need to heal and engage tenderly with
attachment wounds is foremost. Being together with clients in the present moment, trusting the
self-righting impulses that continually flow, allowing love to flourish between therapist and client,
and facilitating ever increasing self:love-confidence-clarity are just a few of the many gifts AEDP
offers. As a Certified AEDP Supervisor, I also love helping new therapists relax into the joys of
practicing AEDP and discover how their innate talents thrive and develop in this emerging
model. I know I will never be done learning as an AEDP therapist and supervisor as the work
challenges me professionally and personally to grow in the most important aspects of
consciousness, relatedness, love, and will.

Supervisor of Therapists in Training
Accepts Insurance
Accepted Insurance Plans
Although I don't accept insurance, I will provide a Super Bill you may sent to your Insurance Company for Reimbursement..