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Preda, Ioana

Preda, Ioana
Preda, Ioana
Level I AEDP Training
Sector 1

Psychotherapy is a form of dialogue, to which we participate in a way that the Japanese call kokoro. This beautiful word has no correspondent in our Western languages; the closest we can get is mindbodyspririt. It’s written like this intentionally, as if we were to write the words individually this would create the false impression that they are somehow separated or connected. Or, in kokoro there is no connection; kokoro is the simultaneous being, one with itself.

When I work, I aim to meet the other from a place as close to kokoro as it is possible to me. In this way I invite my client’s total being to join the dialogue. Being together creates safety, and from a place of safety anything that needs to express itself it will, without creating emotional disasters.

I have a strong belief that each and every one of us have within ourselves the capacity and all the information we need to heal our wounds. Through therapy we access and experience immediately these sources of vitality and create new, strong, bonds with them.

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