Smith, Mattie

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Smith, Mattie
AEDP Level
Level II AEDP Training
(520) 261-6344
1690 N Stone Ave
Zip/Postal Code
United States

I look forward to working collaboratively with clients to provide an authentic, non-judgmental, and empathic space to deepen levels of insight and explore new, more adaptive modes of being in the world. With a style that is open, flexible, and curious, I am wholeheartedly committed to psychotherapy not only as an avenue for individual growth and healing, but also, as a way of empowering individuals to work towards social transformation and collective liberation. Centering a queer, feminist, and decolonial lens in my own practice means that I strive to maintain a culturally-attuned, strengths-based stance that aims to examine and attend to the operation of power and privilege in our lives.
My approach is psychoanalytically based, and is rooted in relational, attachment, and trauma-informed theories and practices, with a special interest in somatics, affective neuroscience, and mindfulness. While interested in the ways in which we are all shaped by our early relationships, environment, and experiences, I believe in the healing power that results from establishing a warm and accepting therapeutic relationship in the here-and-now. Through this work one can find greater agency and freedom by developing active capacities for connection and stronger abilities to hold oneself and the world with compassion, complexity, and nuance.

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