Sy-Rantfors, Shaya

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Sy-Rantfors, Shaya
AEDP Level
Level I AEDP Training
5542 Deerhorn Place
North Vancouver
British Columbia
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We come into this world “wired for connection”. As a baby our survival depends on feeling connected to others and as we grow it’s this CONNECTION that allows us not only to survive but also grow and flourish. Sadly, many of us from very early on, suffer from what’s known as “attachment trauma”: a break or disconnection from those we needed for survival that is left unhealed and instead activates our attachment defenses. The effects of this trauma are far reaching: you might be struggling with anxiety, depression, anger issues, relationship difficulties, issues in parenting, exhaustion/burn-out, feeling low, lifeless, or numb.
I specialize in helping individuals, and parents, struggling with their parenting, by healing their attachment trauma. I apply person-centred, family systems, mindfulness and attachment/relational based therapies to provide my clients with an essential experience of feeling more connected, more alive and vibrant, and more at peace with yourself and others.
If you are struggling with: Family stress, crisis, grief/loss in the family, anxiety/depression, work overwhelm/stress/burnout, or parenting stress - you are not alone. A safe, empathetic, and supportive space to discovering your highest potential is waiting for you. Free 30 min phone consult available for you to meet me before booking a session.

Vibrant Connections Counselling
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