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Taurek, Davida
AEDP Level
Level II AEDP Training
100 Tamal Plaza, Suite 270
Corte Madera
Zip/Postal Code
United States

The foundation of my work with you rests in the belief that human connection based on insight and empathy is transformational. Often times our suffering is a result of habitual patterns and behaviors based on difficult experiences and fear. This drains our natural ability to enjoy life, and unfortunately cultivates a culture of isolation and aloneness. An honest and trusting therapeutic relationship can transmute your aloneness so that you once again have access to your innate resiliency and wonder of life.

With over 25 years of teaching meditation, dance, and improvisational theater, I have a unique set of skills to help you release and transform fear, trauma, anxiety, depression, and isolation into a more alive, spontaneous, and freer way of being.

I am warm, personable, nurturing, direct, and relational. With an emphasis in Somatic Psychotherapy, I specialize in helping individuals, couples, and groups find their way back to resiliency, connection, and joy. Together, we blend compassion and a dash of humor to catalyze the positive changes you want.

Institutional Affiliations
American Counseling Association, California Association for Licensed Professional Clinical Counselors
Accepts Insurance
  • Taurek, Davida