Thayer, Lisa

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Thayer, Lisa
AEDP Level
Level II AEDP Training
34261 Sterne Court
Zip/Postal Code
Address 2
34261 Sterne Court
City 2
State 2
Zip Code 2
United States

I have been a licensed psychologist since 2007. I currently work as a Telehealth Provider in NJ and CA.
In my practice, I treat a broad range of conditions and work with individuals from a broad range of cultural backgrounds, ethnicities, gender identities and ages: adolescents, adults and families.

I provide EFT couples therapy (Level: beyond Core Skills),
AEDP (Level 2) individual therapy and individual therapy that incorporates a broad range of interventions and techniques taken from a foundation of psychoanalytic, cognitive behavioral training.
• trauma informed training such as Internal Family Systems Model (IFS)
• Intensive Short Term Psychodynamic Therapy (ISTDP)
• Attachment Based Family Therapy (Level 2)

Presenting problems:
I work with individuals presenting with a range of issues from mild to severe distress, mild to severe depression and anxiety and mild to severe insecure attachment disorders. I work with individuals with eating disorders, addictions to substances and other self-protective behaviors that get in the way of authentic emotionally safe relating with self and others. I have a broad range of experience working as a program clinic manager and mental health provider at several military bases providing care to service members and their families.

• I worked as a court forensic evaluator at Bronx NY Juvenile Court and Conrep in SF, Ca.
• I have spent many years learning and working with individuals in long term hospitalization settings. These individuals presented with diagnoses of complex trauma along the symptoms across a broad-spectrum depression and anxiety: unipolar to bipolar disorders, PTSD (acute and chronic) psychotic disorders (brief and chronic) and dissociative disorders across a broad range of disconnection from reality.
• I also have experience working with forensically committed adults for crimes adjudicated by a court, NGRI and have been certified and trained to provide forensic evaluations and reports.

It's A Matter of Healing, LLC
Institutional Affiliations
California Psychological Association, NCEEFT
Accepts Insurance
Yes, No
Accepted Insurance Plans
Cigna, Aetna, United Health Care, Optum, Kaiser So CA