Tubero, Adrian, Psy.D.

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Tubero, Adrian, Psy.D.
AEDP Level
Level I AEDP Training
345 Seventh Avenue
New York
New York
Zip/Postal Code
Address 2
Clover Drive
City 2
Great Neck
State 2
New York
Zip Code 2

I am lovingly dedicated to my work as a licensed psychologist for the past 17 years now. As a therapist I show up as a strong ally in helping you create positive changes in your life by listening to your individual needs and provding a supportive environment where you feel respected and safe. My work is informed by my background in relational, interpersonal and psychodynamic theory, as well as heavily influenced by my training and personal experience with the power of AEDP which I have found can help you quickly get present to your emotions so you can readily transform and heal. My background in spirituality and Eastern philosophies has me further understand the mind body relationship and utilize effective techniques to help you heal and grow. As partners in excavating your deepest needs and wants, I can assist you in moving beyond your past, where negative thinking and behaviors usually begin, and beyond any limiting thoughts and fears to create a more fulfilling future full of possibility. You will be better able to navigate your relationships, become a more effective communicator, and overall be a happier and healthier you! In my private practice in both Manhattan and Long Island I see individuals, adults and teenagers, dealing with a range of issues like depression, anxiety, trauma, grief/bereavement, relationship difficulties, and social skill building. Speciality areas I am further skilled in are infertility, the adopted individual, parenting twins and spiritual inquiry.

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