Vario, Anthony

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Vario, Anthony
AEDP Level
Level I AEDP Training
3 Allied Drive, Suite 303
Zip/Postal Code
United States

Born and raised in Providence, Rhode Island, to an Italian-American family. Close friends and family would describe Anthony as being sensitive, compassionate, and consumed with artistic interests. Having childhood aspirations for a career in the arts, and after temporary employment in graphic design for a local nonprofit organization, surprisingly, an education in psychology and, later, social work followed, as did an MSW from Adelphi University in 2016.

Previous professional experiences are illustrated by dedication to clinical and ethical treatment of diverse populations experiencing co-occurring disorders within various contexts. In the midst of COVID, began the journey of counseling, with a focus on men's health, specifically gay men, facing systemic barriers to the successful embrace of identity exploration and assertion.

Naturally, Anthony’s of a simpatico nature. Forthcoming, direct, and challenging all the while affectionate, empathic, imaginative, and inviting. Welcoming the opportunity to engage with his clients in finding the silver lining. Aligned with his characteristic composition, is his approach to counseling: creative, progressive, and humanistic.

He is passionate about guiding individuals toward achieving self-acceptance, inner-emotional validation, and equanimity. He is trained in Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).

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