Transformance Journal: Supervisor

Molly Morgan, LCSW

Molly Morgan, LCSW, is licensed in New York and Connecticut and currently lives in Cornwall, CT. She offers individual and group supervision via Zoom. She began studying AEDP with the inaugural Essential Skills course in 2010, was supervised by Diana Fosha for four years, and trained to be an AEDP supervisor with Natasha Prenn. She assisted at NYC Essential Skills courses from 2012 to 2017. Her article, “How to Be an AEDP Supervisee: Prepare to Be Transformed” was published in the Fall, 2017 issue of Transformance.

Molly is a passionate life-long learner. While AEDP is her clinical home base, she has studied a range of experiential modalities which she incorporates into her practice, including EMDR, EFT, IFS, Positive Psychology, Kripalu Yoga, and Accelerated Resolution Therapy. She currently is studying DNMS (Developmental Needs Meeting Strategy), an ego-state model that (Read More…)

Michael Mondoro, LCSW

Michael Mondoro, LCSW is a licensed therapist based in New York City and Westport, Connecticut. He is a Certified AEDP Therapist, a Certified AEDP Supervisor, an Intra-Relational AEDP enthusiast, a trauma and dissociation specialist, and an active member of the AEDP community since 2012. AEDP is one of his great loves. Michael feels privileged to be a part of the AEDP community and to mentor others to discover and deepen their therapeutic presence, courage, confidence and agency as they express their own AEDP style within the model. He offers psychotherapy as well as clinical consultation in New York and Connecticut, and online for those interested in expanding their knowledge and effectiveness utilizing AEDP across the post-traumatic spectrum.

Michael specializes in helping individuals who have experienced relational trauma, PTSD and complex PTSD to securely connect, heal, transform, and flourish. He brings warmth, authenticity, humor, and deep care to those he mentors. Michael is committed to serving the LGBTQIA+ community, as well.
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Yuval Moses, LCSW-R

Yuval Moses, LCSW-R, is a Registered Clinical Social Worker in NY and a certified AEDP therapist and Supervisor. Yuval’s psychotherapy practice is based in NYC and he provides remote supervision and trainings nationally and internationally. Before founding his private practice and training program Yuval worked predominantly in the non-for-profit world.

After years of working in the foster care field, Yuval became a clinical supervisor at the Crime Victims Treatment Center where he specialized in the treatment of adults experiencing Dissociative Disorders and Complex PTSD, especially as these presentations relate to childhood sexual abuse and other traumatic childhood experiences. It was during his work at the Crime Victims Treatment Center that he encountered AEDP and it very quickly became his therapeutic home. (Read More…)

Judy Silvan, LICSW (MA), LCSW

Judy Silvan, LICSW (MA), LCSW, she/her is an early AEDP enthusiast and joined her first AEDP Supervision Group in 2008. Judy is Certified in AEDP supervision & therapy, as well as Bioenergetic Analysis and Mindfulness in Psychotherapy. She has volunteered as an Experiential Assistant in un-countable AEDP training programs, and has seen approximately ten patients in the AEDP Research Project. Her passion for practicing, supervising and teaching AEDP runs deep; she recently taught a five week AEDP seminar series to Harvard Medical School Psychiatry, Psychology and Social Work Interns, and another workshop to a group of twelve AEDP trainees from many countries in Africa.

Other passions include: Exploring new cultures, the arts, creativity, parenting, friends, family and outdoor activity. The emergence of new ways of looking at gender, anti-racism, neurodiversity, family composition, and other under-celebrated human contingencies build her activist value base.

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Kelly Prothero, LCSW

Kelly Prothero, LCSW, is a psychotherapist with a private practice in Portland, Oregon. After earning her graduate degree from Smith College School for Social Work, Kelly worked in community mental health settings in New York City.

After moving to the West Coast in 2011, Kelly was introduced to AEDP and became quickly drawn to the healing potential of the AEDP model. Kelly went on to become a Certified AEDP Therapist and Supervisor under the mentorship and supervision of SueAnne Piliero, Jenna Osiason, Karen Pando-Mars and Jerry Lamagna.

Kelly has assisted in numerous Essential Skills and Core Training courses throughout the country. She has been instrumental in forming and developing Portland AEDP, a group committed to the development and growth of AEDP in Portland and surrounding areas. In addition to her clinical practice, Kelly brings over 20 years of yoga experience to her work. She is a certified yoga teacher and studied Yoga Nidra meditation extensively with psychologist, Dr. Richard Miller. It was her background in yoga that opened Kelly to the experiential and transformational healing aspects of AEDP.

Kelly brings warmth, humor and authenticity to her work as both an AEDP Therapist and Supervisor. Her clinical interests include treating trauma and dissociation and using “intra-relational” and bold relational clinical methods to facilitate transformational

Penelope Andrade, LCSW

Penelope Andrade, LCSW is an AEDP Certified Therapist and Supervisor and author of Emotional Medicine Rx: Cry when you’re sad, Stop when you’re done, Feel good fast with over 40 years of experience in San Diego, CA and on Zoom. Penelope found AEDP in 2010 and knew it would be her forever therapeutic home when she discovered how elegantly AEDP integrated her decades long commitment to body-mind-spirit-relational healing and mindfulness. Of the many aspects of AEDP she treasures: being with clients in the embodied present moment, undoing aloneness, trusting those continually arising self-righting impulses, allowing love to flourish relationally, and facilitating clients’ ever increasing self-love-confidence-clarity.

As AEDP can be tricky to master, Penelope enjoys helping new AEDP learners relax into discovering how their innate gifts as therapists thrive and develop in this organic, emergent model. Penelope knows, personally, she will never be done learning AEDP as it challenges her personally and professionally to grow in the most important aspects of consciousness, love and will.  (Read More…)

Catherine Wong, RSW

Catherine Wong, RSW, is a certified family therapist and clinical supervisor in private practice with over 26 years counseling experience working with individuals, families, couples and children and 13 years supervision experience offering both individual
and group supervision for clinicians and social workers. Catherine is also a Clinical Supervisor in the Social Work Department of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Her clinical background includes training in Moment by Moment Reconnecting
Marital & Family Therapy, Satir Model, Structural Family Therapy, Bowen Family Therapy, Play Therapy, Emotion-Focused Couples Therapy, Hypnotherapy , EMDR and Somatic Experiencing. Her curiosity to understand how clinicians, using a co-
created therapeutic relationship as a safe and secure base, can work with emotional experience experientially toward healing and transformation is what led her to AEDP. (Read More…)

Mary Androff, MD

Mary Androff, MD, is a faculty member of AEDP™ Institute. Based in Minneapolis-St Paul, Mary works in a private psychotherapy and integrative psychiatry practice and also provides psychiatric consultation for an Assertive Community Treatment team.  Her journey to AEDP began with STEM (chemistry at University of Illinois), then medicine (Washington University-St Louis), then psychiatric residency (University of Washington, Seattle), then training in psychodynamic psychotherapy alongside daily yoga and meditation practices.

Seeking a way to integrate all these threads and hoping to discover a more coherent theoretical framework, Mary found her professional home when she took the AEDP Immersion course. She went on to receive certification as an AEDP therapist in 2015 and as an AEDP supervisor in 2020.  She founded AEDP Minnesota in 2017.  She has run multiple study and consultation groups, participates as a treating clinician in the AEDP research program, teaches ES1 modules and provides individual and group AEDP supervision.


Anna Christina Sundgren, MA 

Anna Christina Sundgren, MA is a faculty member of AEDP™ Institute, a Licensed Psychotherapist, teacher and Supervisor. She has been in private practice in Stockholm, Sweden for more than 20 years. Anna Christina became a certified AEDP-therapist in 2015, and an AEDP Supervisor in 2016. She studied Jungian Psychology, is trained in Short-term Dynamic Therapy and is a Mindfulness Instructor and retreat leader.

Anna Christina has worked with group- and individual therapy for male perpetrators in domestic violence treatment. She co-developed and supervised a relational Infant Observation method inspired from AEDP to help therapy students develop their sense of non-verbal communication. She has assisted in Immersion and Essential Skills courses as well as presenting her own work. (Read More…)

Annika Medbo, Licensed Psychotherapist

Annika Medbo, is an Adjunct faculty member of AEDP™ Institute, Licensed Psychotherapist, Licensed Physiotherapist, AEDP Certified Supervisor and teacher. She has a private practice in Stockholm. Annika´s clinical interests are in trauma and dissociation with a special interest in the use and development of non-verbal processes that can work to enhance and facilitate growth and healing. This interest started before AEDP when Annika was working in psychiatric clinics and striving to meet her patients “beyond diagnosis”, listen to the nonverbal “calls” for connection, rather than focusing on defences and pathology. Her interest for nonverbal processes expanded when she supervised psychotherapy students in Infant Observation at a major Psychotherapy Institute in Stockholm.

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