Transformance Journal Member: Supervisor

Judy Silvan, LCSW

Judy Silvan, LCSW offers AEDP therapy, certified AEDP supervision and teaches workshops for new and seasoned AEDP trainees to integrate AEDP skills with prior expertise in other models (eg.,psychoanalysis, ISTDP, IFS, SE, Bioenergetics, etc.).  For AEDP clinicians seeking a holistic learning experience, supervision with Judy leads to deepened skills through vulnerable processing of current and historical experiences related to counter-transference and other clinical questions and material. For those who wish to earn hours towards AEDP certification, her expertise creates a safe and abundant supervision experience, using what is gleaned from viewing clinical sessions.

Her trainees learn the value of moment-to-moment tracking, and the ‘how to’s’ of switching from an interpretive or analytical mode to an experiential mode. She will help you develop interventions reflecting your individual level of skill and process. This includes getting started with simple videotaping of sessions,

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Anna Christina Sundgren, M.A.

Anna Christina Sundgren, M.A. is a Licensed Psychotherapist Certified AEDP therapist and Supervisor, Trained Mindfulness Teacher, and Retreat leader. Working as a private practitioner in Stockholm, Sweden since 1999, and teaching and
supervising AEDP for many years and has been part of this growing community since 2013.

Anna Christina has developed and supervised a relational Infant Observation method inspired from AEDP, together with a colleague, to help Therapy students develop their sense of non-verbal communication in therapies. She has been presenting in ES1 and guest presenter at Immersion courses, EA and Lead Assistant. Together with Annika Medbo she teaches Core Training in Scandinavia and internationally online. She is one of the founders of the Swedish AEDP Community, and a member of the AEDP (Read More…)

Richard Harrison, PhD

Richard Harrison, PhD, is a Registered Psychologist and Certified AEDP Therapist and Supervisor with over 25 years’ experience as a clinician, educator, and group facilitator.He was trained and supervised in AEDP by Diana Fosha, founder of the model, and has taught with her at AEDP Immersion Courses in Vancouver and the UK. He currently teaches Essential Skills courses and Seminars for the Institute.

Richard is also a Certified EFT Therapist and Supervisor. He maintains a full caseload with individuals and couples in private practice, and teaches and supervises graduate students in the Counseling Psychology and Psychiatry departments at the University of British Columbia. Richard also leads the weekly supervision group for participating therapists in phase two of the AEDP research study. (Read More…)

Annika Medbo, Licensed Psychotherapist and Licensed Physiotherapist

Annika Medbo is a Licensed Psychotherapist in private practice in Stockholm, Sweden. Her early work in psychiatric care with patients with severe psychosomatic problems sparked her keen interest in nonverbal communication. After years of training in Body oriented Psychotherapy and relational/affect focused psychotherapy, she finally found what she had been searching for in AEDP; a model that integrates the relational and body perspective, inter and intra psychic processes and right brain and left brain work. With the 4-State map as her “left brain guide” she could now be freer in “leaning into” the right brain part of the work.

Annika’s areas of interest in AEDP are in the use and development of the non-verbal processes, such as “micro attuning”, “going beyond mirroring” and bringing the therapist’s Self into the healing process. She loves to develop ways to teach about (Read More…)

Catherine Wong, RSW

Catherine Wong, RSW, is a certified family therapist and clinical supervisor in private practice with over 26 years counseling experience working with individuals, families, couples and children and 13 years supervision experience offering both individual and group supervision for clinicians and social workers. Catherine is also a Clinical Supervisor in the Social Work Department of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Her clinical background includes training in Moment by Moment Reconnecting Marital and Family Therapy, Satir Model, Structural Family Therapy, Bowen Family Therapy, Play Therapy, Emotion-Focused Couples Therapy, Hypnotherapy , EMDR and Somatic Experiencing.

Her curiosity to understand how clinicians, using a co-created therapeutic relationship as a safe and secure base, (Read More…)

Steve Carroll

Steve Carroll, LCSW is a psychotherapist in private  practice since 1988 working with individuals, couples and  families as well as supervision/consultation for  colleagues. Prior to private practice he co-developed a  treatment unit for families experiencing child sexual  abuse, supervised a group home for adolescent girls and  supervised an outpatient therapy program for a family  service agency. He is a certified Imago therapist/ supervisor and other background training includes  psychodynamic psychotherapy, object relations, family  systems, Internal Family Systems and Focusing-Oriented  Psychotherapy. 

Steve completed AEDP’s Immersion Course with Diana  Fosha in 2008 and three years of Core Training with Eileen Russell. He has assisted in numerous Immersion Courses, ESI and II and Wired For Healing Workshop with Diana. 

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Heidi Frieze

Heidi Frieze, LCSW is a certified AEDP therapist and supervisor. She is currently in private practice near Grand Central Station in New York City, and in Westchester, NY, where she treats both individual adults and couples. Heidi earned her Masters Degree in Clinical Social Work from Fordham University in 2004.

She participated in Diana Fosha’s first AEDP Immersion Course and completed one year of Core training with Diana. Over the years, Heidi has been in individual supervision with Eileen Russell and SueAnne Piliero and small group supervision with Ben Lipton. Heidi has assisted SueAnne in two previous Essential Skills I Training Courses in NYC and in a number of immersion courses.

She also assisted Diana Fosha at a weekend workshop at the Kripalu Center in the Berkshires, MA. Prior to becoming a psychotherapist, (Read More…)

Liza Greville, LCSW

Liza Greville, LCSW, is a Certified AEDP Therapist and Supervisor in private practice in Kane, Pennsylvania, and offers individual therapy to adults in Pennsylvania, New York and Montana, as well as individual and group supervision.

Liza trusts that people heal and grow when they have what they need. In turn, she loves all the ways AEDP theory and maps provide channels of understanding through which ways of nurturing new and needed experiences can flow, both intrapersonally and interpersonally. She believes the same holds true in supervision, and seeks to help supervisees expand their naturalness of use of self, and deepen their understanding of AEDP’s affective change processes. (Read More…)

Elizabeth Perkins, LMFT

Elizabeth Perkins, LMFT is in private practice in San Diego, California and currently is seeing clients online who reside in California. She has been strongly influenced by AEDP since she began learning the model in 2013. She is a Certified AEDP therapist and Supervisor in-training. L

iz thrives on fine tuning her skills in bi-weekly supervision with Senior Faculty, regularly assisting at  AEDP Essential Skills courses and attending other AEDP trainings. AEDP continues to be the heart of her client work. Liz feels like AEDP is responsible for the most memorable and meaningful breakthrough moments in her sessions.

She feels constantly challenged by the model and astounded by its results, in equal parts. Liz is most looking forward to witnessing the aha moments that inevitably occur within herself and the other practitioners each time she has the honor of assisting at an AEDP learning event.

Malin Endrédi

Malin Endredi is a certified AEDP Therapist and Supervisor. Her office is in Stockholm, Sweden and nowadays online too. Malin welcomes Swedish and English speaking clients and supervisees. Malin is a member of the AEDP Sweden Program Group and one of two hosts of the AEDP Salon Stockholm/Sweden. She was a copresenter in the institute-sponsored seminar, “Transformational Synergies in AEDP, Spirituality and Psychedelics” in July, 2022.

Malin started her professional life as a clinical psychologist working with distressed parents and their dysregulated babies to help create secure attachment. After 17 years she took a Swedish attachment, relational and emotion focused psychotherapist training. That’s where Malin, through an APA video, first encountered Diana’s ways of working and AEDP and it all clicked.

She became devoted and crossed the Atlantic many times to attend trainings and assisting internationally (Read More…)