On Demand: Black Liberation as a Path to Collective Wellness & Healing: Pursuing Personal and Collective Liberation Through BioMythoGraphy

Presented by Della Mosley, PhD 

Recorded for On Demand Learning

This on demand seminar is intended for Psychologists, Psychoanalysts, Social Workers, Counselors/Marriage and Family Therapists, Creative Arts Therapists.


In this seminar to the AEDP community, Della Mosley, PhD, aka Dr. Della, presents a theory of critical consciousness development specific to anti-Black racism. This theory is especially helpful for those seeking to deeply understand, to develop efficacy around, and to intervene against anti-Blackness as it shows up in our professional and personal lives.

Dr. Della goes on to elaborate on the great Audre Lorde’s idea of biomythography as a weaving together of imagery, myth, history and personal biography for the telling of one’s story. 

Weaving these themes together, Dr. Della  — in the Lordean tradition —   shares her own biomythography about her experience as a Black queer cisgender woman pursuing personal and collective liberation through and beyond the field of psychology. This biomythography illustrates the need for and the potential of “critical consciousness of anti-Black racism” and makes it come to life in a way that will certainly resonate with the experiences of seminar participants. Ultimately, this a workshop that aims to guide our efforts toward collective wellness and healing, i.e., the wellness and healing of us all.

The workshop ended with Q & A and conversation with participants.

Learning Objectives

  • Describe a theory of critical consciousness development specific to anti-Black racism.
  • Recognize, develop efficacy around, and intervene against anti-Blackness
  • Describe the need for and potential of “critical consciousness of anti-Black racism” development.

Meet the Presenter

Della Mosley, PhD

Della Mosley, PhD  is the President of the non-profit The WELLS Healing Center (formerly the University of Florida based WELLS Healing and Research Collective). She co-founded Academics for Black Survival and Wellness (#Academics4BlackLives) with Pearis Bellamy and is the co-founder (with David Oh) of the Radical Healing Collaborative Group Practice. Della is also a proud member of the Psychology of Radical Healing Collective, and an American Psychological Association (APA) Minority Fellow.

In Dr. Mosley’s words, “I intentionally use my education and training in counseling, skills and experience conducting culturally mindful and award-winning research, history counseling Black youth and queer and transgender People of Color, experience organizing and (Read More…)

Note from Diana Fosha, PhD: Director of AEDP Institute and developer of the AEDP Model of Psychotherapy:

Dr. Della Mosley is a creator of Academics for Black Survival & Liberation, a personal and professional development initiative for non-Black professionals to honor the toll of racial trauma on Black people, resist anti-Blackness and white supremacy, and facilitate accountability and collective action.

In 2021, many members of the AEDP community (along with 10,000 non-Black others from across the world) got to know Dr. Mosley by participating in the initiative. She also presented at AEDP Institute where, in true AEDP style, we “metaprocessed” the experience of the training and of the accountability groups the AEDP community members had participated in for 14 weeks prior.

We are delighted and honored to continue to learn from and be in conversation with Dr. Mosley, who will be developing and presenting the special talk described on this page for our AEDP community. Given the AEDP model’s focus on healing trauma, and the AEDP Vision Collective’s initiative on Healing Racialized Trauma, we are excited to engage with Dr. Della Mosley’s ideas of how Black liberation is a path to collective wellness and healing, crucial to the wellbeing and healing of us all.

There is a congruence and resonance between Dr. Mosley’s work and the AEDP model which we are eager to continue exploring. While AEDP leans into transformance & healing, Dr. Della leans into liberation & joy. Never ignoring suffering and oppression, for that’s what we’re working to transform, we are eager to hear Dr. Mosley’s ideas on how personal stories of Black liberation promote our collective wellness and healing.

I hope you will all consider watching the seminar recording and join me in welcoming Dr. Della Mosley into our AEDP community.

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