AEDP Institute Retired Membership for Licensed Professionals Checkout – Step 1

What You Receive as a Retired Member of the AEDP Institute:

How AEDP Works Transp

  • Transformance Talks – FREE for Paid Members: Transformance Talks are Webinars, presented by Transformance Journal authors. Only Full and Retired Members participate live (or watch recordings) of Transformance Talks for free. Transformance is the official publication of the AEDP Institute. It features the latest advances in AEDP theory and research. Recent Transformance topics have included neuroscience, transformational studies, trauma treatment, phenomenology, attachment theory, development and mother-infant studies.
  • AEDP Referral Network makes it easy for members to notify their fellows in the AEDP worldwide membership of clients looking for an AEDP therapist.
  • AEDP Bulletin Board updated daily – is a great way for members to share AEDP news, resources, recommendations, AEDP related events and more.
  • Customizable Listing in the AEDP Therapist Directory —The AEDP directory is an invaluable resource for anyone – including your fellow therapists – seeking an AEDP therapist in the United States, Canada and other places around the world. As a Full Member of the Institute, you can customize your listing with highlights of your work and experience with AEDP, and make it easily searchable by anyone looking for an AEDP therapist in your area.
  • Savings on AEDP training. All AEDP Full Members receive a $50 discount on registration for both the AEDP Essential Skills and Advanced Skills courses, as well as discounts on almost all AEDP trainings, workshops and products.

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The AEDP Institute’s member resources are intended for use by professionals in mental health and related fields.

For this reason, we ask for a license number when you register. If you practice in a place where licensing is not the cultural or legal standard, or you are a student or for some other reason you don’t have a license number, please contact AEDP Institute at and let us know a bit of your story. We will be more than happy to help you with your membership registration.

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