AEDP™ Institute Scholarships

AEDP™ Institute is committed to fostering an inclusive learning environment that values and celebrates the unique contributions of clinicians from all backgrounds and to making AEDP trainings available to as many mental health professionals as possible worldwide. Our mission is to uplift and invite values of diversity, belonging, equity and inclusion and to promote diversity in all of its many forms.

We have developed this scholarship program to inspire and support mental health professionals on their AEDP journey who, due to economic needs and other unique barriers, could not otherwise attend our trainings without receiving a scholarship. Our basic scholarship is 35% and the number of scholarships offered for any given course are limited.

We acknowledge the personal, professional, and financial investment that each participant commits to our training programs and while most scholarships will not fully defray the cost of our training, we hope that it will help relieve some of the financial burden of participating in AEDP training.

Scholarship Options

1) Diversity Scholarships- Click HERE for the application

Diversity Scholarships are designed for therapists who belong to one or more socially marginalized groups, i.e., ethnic/racial minorities, gender and sexual orientation minorities, or immigrants
AND have financial needs such that they could not take a particular AEDP training without a Diversity Scholarship.

2) Financial Scholarships- Click HERE for the application

Financial Scholarships are intended for therapists who meet either (A) or (B) or (C):
A) work for underserved, socially marginalized and/or financially struggling patient populations
B) have financial needs such that they could not take a particular AEDP training without a scholarship
C) those who live outside of the United States where the price is out of reach due to the local
currency’s /economy’s purchasing power

3) Pay What you Wish Scholarships :specifically for self-identifying Black mental health professionals. – Click HERE to complete the requisite section of the Diversity Scholarship Application

(If you have not already done so, please go here to learn about the program)