The Gift Side of Loss: Deepening and Expanding Transformational Experience in the Wake of Suffering 2023 – 2024

A Monthly Online Seminar Series

Presented by Richard Harrison, PhD

4 Tuesdays | October 17, November 14, 2023, January 16, February 13, 2024

This seminar series explores the clinical landscape of AEDP State 3, the realm of the transformational affects. These are the energetically expansive, positive emotional states that arise, spontaneously, in the wake of processing painful emotions of trauma and suffering (State 2). Each seminar meeting will feature extensive use of clinical video from AEDP therapy sessions. Together, we will witness, track, and discuss the remarkable transformational arc from State 2 through State 3, as it manifests in work with a variety of patients who differ from each other in terms of salient aspects of identity and history (e.g., ethnic and cultural background, sexual orientation, race, age, gender, trauma history, etc.), and who present with varied attachment styles.

The six phenomenologically distinct transformational affects are a crucial component of the AEDP change process. They fuel the transformational spiral, and promote flourishing in the wake of suffering and loss. As a participant, you will learn to recognize and work effectively with these powerful emotional experiences, in order to expand, deepen, and consolidate therapeutic change-for-the-better. We will also witness and explore moments of integrative Core State (State 4) experience, which are energetically distinct from both State 2 and State 3, and characterized by a deep sense of calm and rightness.

This learning opportunity is well-suited to seasoned AEDP clinicians who want to deepen and refine their practice, as well as people who are newer to the model, or those who want to refresh and consolidate prior learning. We will start with a brief overview of foundational principles and key interventions, then expand and build on these as we go.

Collectively, we will co-create a learning community in which we:

  1. Delve deeply into the recognizable, yet phenomenologically distinct, characteristics of the six transformational affects
  2. Unpack key interventions that advance the therapeutic process in States 2 and 3, including AEDP’s hallmark intervention of metatherapeutic processing
  3. Witness transformance in action: the innate healing potential that pulses towards resuming impeded growth
  4. Identify psycho-biological markers that guide the unfolding process and inform therapist choice points, as they arise in clinical work
  5. Explore opportunities to amplify, extend, and deepen moments of therapeutic change-for-the-better, and thus promote positive neuroplasticity and flourishing
  6. Expand and consolidate prior learning; and
  7. Foster increased self-confidence and empower you in your AEDP practice!


  • Summarize key aspects of AEDP theory and the four-state map that guides AEDP’s transformational process.
  • Identify the clinical landscape of State 2 versus State 3 of AEDP.
  • Distinguish between six, phenomenologically distinct, State 3 transformational affects.
  • Recognize opportunities to expand and consolidate moments of therapeutic change-for-the-better, and thus promote positive neuroplasticity.
  • Explain and contrast interventions that advance the therapeutic process in State 2 and State 3, respectively, including AEDP’s hallmark intervention of metatherapeutic processing.
  • Identify and comment on psycho-biological markers that guide and inform therapist choice points, as they arise in clinical work.
  • List specific AEDP skills used to access and explore internal experience, and recall an acronym (SPACE) for a clinical intervention set that facilitates this process.
  • Discover the potential of judicious therapist self-disclosure to amplify and deepen positive affective states.
  • Explain a clinical intervention set (HEART) used to enhance, extend, and expand positive emotional and/or relational experiences, in order to promote flourishing.


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Location: Online via ZOOM


4 Tuesdays | October 17, November 14, 2023, January 16, February 13, 2024


12:00 – 4:00 pm EST (4 hours)



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