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Tailoring AEDP Interventions to Attachment Style

Transformance Talk based on Transformance:
The AEDP Journal, Volume 6, Issue 2

by Karen Pando-Mars, MFT

Join Karen Pando-Mars in the Institute’s very first Transformance Talk to learn about this important work and have a chance to participate in a moderated Q&A with members of the AEDP community.

From the Introduction to Pando-Mars’ Transformance Journal article, Tailoring AEDP Interventions to Attachment Style:

“AEDP’s therapeutic stance is one that employs corrective emotional and relational experiences to help patients know they exist in the heart and mind of another. Yet, to enter this kind of explicit relationship can be daunting for patients with insecure attachment styles, whose adaptive strategies become defensive shields to protect them from further relational wounding. This can be challenging for the therapist and patient alike. This paper is part of a larger project on how to differentially apply AEDP’s comprehensive model to treat attachment wounding, given the distinct formations of each attachment style.”

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Meet the Presenter

Karen Pando-Mars, MFT

screen-shot-2016-12-13-at-9-19-26-amKaren Pando-Mars, MFT, is a psychotherapist in San Rafael, California, and Senior Faculty of the AEDP Institute. She was irresistibly drawn to AEDP in 2005 and captivated by the depth and breadth of this transformational model. She immersed herself in training and consultation with Dr. Fosha and three years of core training with Dr. Frederick. Ms. Pando-Mars is one of the founders of AEDP West, Co-Director of the Center for Transformative Therapies, and chaired the AEDP Institute Education Committee from 2011-2018.

She presents trainings and workshops in AEDP, including leading Essentials Skills courses across the United States and internationally. She is known for her presence, candor and warmth, and the clarity with which she translates complex theory into user-friendly practices. Videotapes of her clinical work are deeply moving and inspiring to psychotherapists learning to be more effective in helping their clients to change and transform.

Ms. Pando-Mars' brings a passionate interest in how AEDP puts attachment theory and related neuroscience into explicit and experiential practice in helping patients to heal from relational trauma. Licensed since 1989, her background in somatic and experiential therapies includes Biofeedback, Focusing, Process-Oriented Psychotherapy, Sandtray-Worldplay, EMDR, and Authentic Movement. These influences are deeply woven throughout her work. She was a founder of The Sandtray Network and a contributing editor of its journal. As adjunct faculty at Dominican University, in San Rafael, California, she taught AEDP as the overarching theoretical model in the Alternative and Innovative Psychotherapies course.

Her most recent publication Tailoring AEDP interventions to attachment style,” 2016 Transformance Journal, 6 (2) is the basis for her upcoming book, which will be co-authored with Diana Fosha and published by Norton & Co.