Transformance Talk 12 : AEDP Author as True Other: A Successful Application of AEDP Ethos in a Self-Help Book: A Review of Ron Frederick’s “Loving Like You Mean It”

Presented as an interview of AEDP Sr. Faculty Member and Author, Ronald Frederick, PhD: , by Transformance Journal Associate Editor Carrie Ruggieri, LHMC BCETS

This is a recording of a live event held on Tuesday, October 15, 2019

This Transformance Talk webinar is based on Carrie Ruggieri’s wonderful book review in AEDP’s Transformance Journal published in August, 2019.

Loving Like You Mean It is a sequel to Ron Frederick’s 2009 best-selling book, Living Like You Mean It. On the surface it is a self-help book. But in fact, it is whatever a reader needs it to be (an AEDP primer, a model for how to scaffold complex information yet retain the complexity, how to write suspenseful vignettes, how to rewire a brain, how to author as a True Other, and how to free oneself to love like you meant it). This is not simply masterful; it is wizardry.

Frederick enables the reader, at once and throughout, to apprehend the mysteries of the human heart in animate layers. Through a cognitive illumination of how our earliest relationships wire our brains to affect our perceptions and behaviors in our adult relationships, into an experienced-near reflection of how we live this wiring in our most tender and vital of emotions, and throughout this integrated cognitive-experiential reading, we find ourselves swept up from its gravity, only to be captured by astonishment. 

AEDP therapists will recognize that Frederick has transported us directly into the map of state transformation (Fosha, 2009), the spiral coiled neatly upon itself. Frederick accomplishes this with bone-deep knowing and a faithful erudition of our AEDP ethos (Fosha, 2010), that binds this multidimensional self-help/AEDP-therapist primer.

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Meet the Presenters

Ronald J. Frederick, PhD

Ronald J. Frederick, PhD, is a licensed clinical psychologist, senior faculty member of the AEDP Institute, co-founder of the Center for Courageous Living in Los Angeles, California and author of the award winning books Living Like You Mean It (Jossey-Bass, 2009) and Loving Like You Mean It (Central Recovery Press, 2019). Since 1994, Dr. Frederick has been training in, practicing, and teaching the AEDP model of psychotherapy, and has received extensive training and supervision from Dr. Fosha. Past experience includes fourteen years as a Clinical Supervisor at Abbott Northwestern Hospital’s Park House Day Treatment Program, a post-doctoral fellowship in Medical Psychology and HIV in the AIDS Center Program at Roosevelt Hospital, NYC, where he later worked as a staff psychologist, and a year-long training rotation in Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy at Beth Israel Medical Center, NYC. Dr. Frederick supervises trainees in the AEDP model, and has co-facilitated, with Dr. Fosha, AEDP numerous Immersion Courses and workshops. (Read More…)

Carrie Ruggieri, LMHC, BCETS

Carrie Ruggieri, LMHC, BCETS is an active member of the AEDP Institute and a Board Certified Expert in Traumatic Stress with a practice in Providence, Rhode Island. Ms. Ruggieri’s practice focuses on helping individuals who suffer the effects of trauma experienced in childhood or adolescence. In addition to talk therapy, Carrie uniquely offers equine-assisted therapy; horses provide her patients comfort, help strengthen self-assertion, facilitate the experience of direct access to emotions, and facilitate the experience of mindful presence.

Ms. Ruggieri brings experience working with children in foster care who are suffering attachment traumas, as well as experience with children and adults who have suffered the traumatic loss of a partner, parent, or child. (Read More…)