Advanced Skills: From No SELF to Core Self: The Process

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Presented by Annika Medbo, Licensed Psychotherapist

Friday – Monday April 5 – 8, 2024
10:00 AM – 2:30 PM Eastern Time USA

Two Registration Options:

Attend the didactic and small group experiential practice (counts toward certification)

• Attend the didactic only, skip the small group experiential work (does not count toward certification)

Prerequisites: AEDP Level 2 or above; See details further below.

Course Description:

The process

How do we reach clients who are stuck in hopelessness, fear, and anxiety, who have lost their inner compass, and their felt sense of ME? This Workshop will address those who have had to exclude their feelings, and their need of another, or are stuck in the belief that they will never be able to connect in a deeper way. We will explore those who feel unreachable deep down in a black hole, with their sense of “I will never belong”, and who are only capable of observing others who live their lives fully. 

Growing up in an environment that lacks deeper care and recognition from an Other, the caretaker leaves the child unprotected and alone. There will also be a lack of a vital experience: that of a sense of being ME and safety enough to be ME with YOU, a ME that is separate from YOU. In addition, we will see that even clients who have a higher level of functioning in the world can appear to suffer from this lack of experience. In the deepening of the relational work there can be a sudden recognition of that “there is no space inside where the (new) experience can land.” This is State 2 work in depth, in the maladaptive field, and in between maladaptive and adaptive experience. This work is not just about transforming the maladaptive emotional experience. It is also about “forming the unformed” experience and building the Self or that part of the Self that never had the space to grow.

The AEDP model, with its relational stance and explicit work with the relationship is the optimal model for these kinds of deep therapeutic processes. In this workshop you will learn how to deepen your capacity to BE WITH the other, identify crucial paths in the process of forming the unformed, and sharpen and deepen the skills necessary to do so. You will learn about the two parts of the process that naturally unfold as soon as defenses and toxic shame can be put aside: the “rescuing part” and, the later, “part of becoming”. As a patient described it: “We had to get down, layer by layer, to find the deepest wound. There was an ‘unfolding’ of new [painful] things – in the darkness. I didn´t know where we were going. And now (part two) it´s still this unfolding (of new, unformed experience). I still don´t know where we are going, but it´s not heavy any longer, and it´s now going on in the lightness.”

Come and join me on an inspiring journey “From no sense of Self or ME to I can be ME with YOU, and I can be WE”. This is the journey of developing the capacity to “feel and deal WHILE staying related”.

Course Objectives:

Participants will be able to:

  • Identify key change processes in the process of healing attachment trauma and developing the Self.
  • Demonstrate how the use of the Therapist Self can work as a powerful tool to set change, healing and development in motion.
  • Describe critical paths in the process of becoming and moving from insecure disorganized attachment towards secure attachment.
  • Explain how to activate the client´s seeking/attachment system.
  • Demonstrate how to help the client titrate experiences “on the edge” within the window of tolerance.
  • Distinguish between maladaptive fear and tremulous affects.
  • Develop skills to regulate shame.
  • Deepen sensitivity to when to lead, guide or follow in the process.
  • Describe the two parts of the process in the work with unformed experience
  • Develop the use of Emergent Imagery and Parts Work.

Meet the Presenter

Annika Medbo, Licensed Psychotherapist

Annika Medbo, is an Adjunct faculty member of AEDP™ Institute, Licensed Psychotherapist, Licensed Physiotherapist, AEDP Certified Supervisor and teacher. She has a private practice in Stockholm. Annika´s clinical interests are in trauma and dissociation with a special interest in the use and development of non-verbal processes that can work to enhance and facilitate growth and healing. This interest started before AEDP when Annika was working in psychiatric clinics and striving to meet her patients “beyond diagnosis”, listen to the nonverbal “calls” for connection, rather than focusing on defences and pathology. Her interest for nonverbal processes expanded when she supervised psychotherapy students in Infant Observation at a major Psychotherapy Institute in Stockholm.
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Pre-requisites: you must be AEDP Level 2 or above meaning you have: Completed Immersion and Essential Skills.

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Option 1: Advanced Skills Course (didactic plus experiential practice)

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Dates: Friday – Monday April 5 – 8, 2024
Time: 10:00 AM – 2:30 PM Eastern Time USA

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Option 2: Advanced Seminar (no experiential practice)

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  • This does not count toward certification

Dates: Friday + Sunday (only), April 5 + 7, 2024 
Time: 10:00 AM – 2:30 PM Eastern Time USA

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