Our Mission

The AEDP Institute is devoted to providing a forum for an emergent community of clinicians. We seek to co-create environments — clinical, intellectual, collegial — of shared values. Ours is a community of safety and security from which boundless exploration takes place.


Get Connected!

It’s easy to join the AEDP Institute community -- a vibrant and diverse group of therapists with a variety of backgrounds, clinical experiences and professional training who all share a common enthusiasm for AEDP and a deep commitment to healing and transformational change.


How AEDP Works

We asked some of our faculty and practitioners to come up with a paragraph describing “How AEDP Works.” Each person brings a unique perspective and touches on a different facet of the process. Taken together, their thoughts capture the essence of AEDP.

About AEDP Video
With Diana Fosha. Lodged deeply in our brains and bodies, there for the awakening and activating in facilitating environments, lie innate, wired-in dispositions for self-healing and self-righting, as well as for core state, a state of calm, flow, ease, clarity, confidence, generosity, and true self being. >>>

Training in AEDP: Healing-Oriented Clinical Practice Rooted in Cutting Edge Transformational Theory

AEDP training utilizes a three-pronged method to engage both left and right brain, as well as mind and heart, in your learning of AEDP. Our courses have opportunities for didactic presentations, clinical videotape and experiential exercises, with the proportion of time spent in each varying based on the course material and learning objectives. Clinicians emerge from AEDP training and supervision with a theoretical understanding of AEDP's healing-oriented transformational theory, a felt sense of how AEDP is practiced, and, over time, a large repertoire of specific skills for the embodied clinical practice of AEDP.


AEDP Certification

Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy is a comprehensive, integrative theoretical and clinical model. It is rigorous, unique, and effective. To be eligible for AEDP Certification, clinicians must demonstrate mastery of the theoretical model, proficiency in applying AEDP interventions to diverse clinical populations, and an overall understanding and commitment to the AEDP mission, ethos and values. The clinician can apply for certification at the recommendation of his or her AEDP supervisor.

AEDP Around the World
Each star on the map marks a place where we have held AEDP training for therapists.
You can view upcoming training and presentations here.