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Welcome to AEDP Institute’s listing of Certified Supervisors.

  • In addition to the individuals listed below, all AEDP faculty members supervise in AEDP.  Click here for faculty listing.
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Mary Androff, MD

Mary Androff, MD, based in Minneapolis-St Paul, has worked in private practice for over 20 years and also provides psychiatric consultation for an Assertive Community Treatment team.  Her journey to AEDP began with STEM (chemistry at University of Illinois), then medicine (Washington University-St Louis), then psychiatric residency (University of Washington, Seattle), then training in psychodynamic psychotherapy alongside daily yoga and meditation practices.  Seeking a way to integrate all these threads and hoping to discover a more coherent theoretical framework, Mary found her professional home when she took the AEDP Immersion course. She went on to receive certification as an AEDP therapist in 2015 and as an AEDP supervisor in 2020.  She founded AEDP Minnesota in 2017.  She has run multiple study and consultation groups, assisted at ES1 and ES2 courses in NYC, participated as a treating clinician in the AEDP research program, and provides in-person and online AEDP supervision.

Maria Angelina, PhD

I am a clinical counselor with over 15 years counseling experience and am a certified AEDP therapist and supervisor. I work both in post-secondary and in private practice in Vancouver, B.C. My foray into the AEDP world started with my doctoral research which aimed to better understand the attachment processes within psychotherapy. Like many, I immediately found and continue to "find home” in AEDP as my therapeutic orientation. Within this modality, I have felt a deepening, a honing of skills, a grounding into self and other, a releasing into process, into relationship, a synchrony, all of which continue to feel infinitely meaningful and creative.

True to the nature of AEDP, I have been accompanied and transformed on this journey by a community of AEDPers, both colleagues and faculty, locally and internationally; who have walked alongside me, teaching, guiding, listening, gathering, holding space, being with and staying the course. Without a doubt, my personal, spiritual, and intellectual world has expanded exponentially and I can say with certainty, I am in every way a better person, partner, parent, and psychotherapist because of AEDP.  For all of this, I feel immense and heartfelt gratitude.

Since undertaking the immersion in AEDP several years ago, I have completed Essential Skills 1, Advanced Skills, Core Training, and have had been honored to assist at multiple AEDP courses, workshops, and trainings. Additionally, I have presented my AEDP clinical work and research at several psychotherapy conferences. I embrace the role of AEDP supervisor with desire, exuberance, gratitude, and humility; rooted in the knowledge that this intricate and nuanced undertaking will be forever one of continual growth, expansion, learning and connection.

Sigal Bahat, MA

Sigal Bahat, MA AEDP supervisor profile pictureSigal Bahat, MA, teaches and supervises AEDP, in Israel, US and internationally, and leads an Israeli AEDP Core Training group. She has a private practice in Israel and also works remotely. Sigal started her career as a Dance Movement Therapist, and then completed training both as an Expressive & Creative psychotherapist, and as a Bio-energetic Analyst. She is certified and has many years of experience as a teacher of somatic-mindfulness approaches: The Alexander Technique, The Feldenkrais Method and Authentic Movement.

Meeting AEDP and Dr. Diana Fosha met a decades-long quest to actively engage the intra-intimate-connections between psyche & soma:

Sigal on AEDP: "At last I met a model that made sense to me in the deepest manner, both theoretically and clinically - I experienced a precise 'click' with the AEDP model & spirit, which felt organically right. I felt ‘I've arrived home' and gained a precious professional and communicative experiential language."

Sigal’s AEDP journey includes active participation as a clinician in the AEDP international 16-session research study. She has assisted in many AEDP training courses since 2016: Immersions, ES1s and ES2s - in Israel, US, Canada, UK and Internationally (via zoom). Sigal has presented at both Israeli and London Immersion courses, and in US and Israeli ES1 & ES2's.

Sigal on teaching AEDP: "I love sharing with the AEDP community conceptual and practical integrations, which put to use the Somatic-Energetic Portal of AEDP. I trust it’s a gold mine of support to our clinical work. It bears a relation to our therapeutic embodied presence, and our capacity to hold the non-verbal layer of communication with and for our patients – the matrix our therapeutic dyad is grounded in. I trust the body, our bodies - both of the patient and of the therapist - to be an immense ever-there resource, to our AEDP clinical work in all 4 states of the model."

Sigal on doing AEDP supervision: “I feel committed to undoing the aloneness of the AEDP therapists I work with. I deeply enjoy helping to enhance integrating clinical practice, experiential skills and theory, while helping AEDP therapists relax and find their grounding in their own embodied presence as therapists. I love witnessing how, out of therapists' own fresh clinical experiences as we explore and learn together, the trust in the process of change and healing emerges, deepens and grows. It is a profoundly moving experience for me to witness.”

Timothy J. Beyer, PhD

Timothy J BeyerTimothy J. Beyer, PhD, is a licensed psychologist, trainer, and consultant. Co-founder of the Center for Courageous Living in Beverly Hills, California, he has been training in and practicing AEDP for many years. With a firm belief in the power of relationships to heal, Dr. Beyer works collaboratively with clients and trainees to achieve profound and lasting results. Dr. Beyer earned a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of North Dakota, and an MA and PhD in Counseling and Educational Psychology from the University of Minnesota. In addition to his private practice, Dr. Beyer works in the Quality Improvement Division of the County of Los Angeles, Department of Mental Health. He has many years of experience working in university and business settings providing consultation, supervision and training as well as therapy and psychological assessment. Currently, he conducts an ongoing AEDP training group in Minneapolis. Originally from Minnesota, Dr. Beyer now resides in West Hollywood, California with his husband and two terriers.

Steve Carroll, LCSW

Steve Carroll, MSW is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker based in Haddonfield, N.J. with over 40 years experience with social service agencies and in private practice since 1988. Steve’s clinical background includes training in psychodynamic psychotherapy, family therapy, object relations, Imago Therapy, Internal Family Systems and Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapy. For Steve, finding AEDP was so exciting as the model integrated with poetic resonance the major clinical influences of his professional life.

Steve started his AEDP journey in 2008 with the Immersion Course with Diana Fosha followed by 3 years of Core Training with Eileen Russell. He then became an Experiential Assistant for many Immersion, ESI and II courses and presently as a Lead Assistant. Along the way, Steve received supervision from Diana Fosha and supervision of supervision from Diana Fosha and Natasha Prenn.  He was also in Core Training for three years with David Mars and Karen Pando-Mars for work  adapting AEDP in a couples modality and assisted in their Couples Trainings.

Steve feels very grateful for the privilege of being part of this transformational work and specifically as a supervisor, the opportunity to co-create a safe environment for supervisees to learn and grow as people as well as clinicians. This gratitude extends to all of the clients, supervisees, experiential assistants and AEDP faculty who have contributed so much to his growth/learning and a desire to pass it on.

Marc Cecil, PhD

Marc Cecil, PhD AEDP SupervisorMarc Cecil, PhD is a Licensed Psychologist with over 35 years of experience in a variety of clinical and community settings, currently in private practice in Rutland, Vermont. Marc has immersed himself in AEDP since 2012 and has done extensive training and supervision with SueAnne Piliero, having assisted for her many times in Essential Skills, recently as a Lead Assistant. He has also been privileged to work with Ron Frederick over the years in group and individual supervision.

Marc has a special interest in integrating his use of AEDP with other experiential therapies, especially ego state/parts work and EMDR. He enjoys sharing his clinical work and videos with other therapists learning this approach, bringing the work to life through a story of transformation and healing, not only of his patients, but also himself and others impacted by the process. Marc also has a passion for writing about his own AEDP experience and journey, and has a paper on therapeutic presence accepted in the AEDP Transformance Journal.

The major focus of Marc’s supervision is on helping his supervisees integrate themselves into the therapy process and developing therapeutic presence. He creates a safe container where they can take in his gentle holding, and in turn, can transfer this holding to themselves and their patients. In the process, they internalize the essence of AEDP, finding the healing capacity and humanness within all of us, while at the same time, cultivating their unique healing gifts and style of doing this work, becoming, as he likes to say, “the therapists we are meant to be.”

Victoria Cheung, MM

Victoria CheungVictoria Cheung, MM, is a psychotherapist in private practice in Toronto. She is trained in AEDP with Danny Yeung and has been assisting in training and supervision of Hong Kong colleagues since 2005. She received her certification in AEDP in 2010. Ms. Cheung is the co-author with Senior Faculty Member, Danny Yeung of The Rainbow After: Psychological Trauma and Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy, and the lead author of Portrait of the Soul, a work that deeply resonates with AEDP. She has written in Chinese, produced and directed sixteen educational DVDs and CDs that are instrumental to the learning and the growth of the AEDP community in Hong Kong.



Cammy Suk Ying Cheung, RSW

Cammy Suk Ying CheungCammy Suk Ying Cheung, RSW, received her undergraduate and masters training in Social Work at the University of Hong Kong and the University of Edinburgh, respectively. She is a registered social worker (RSW) and a certified supervisor (HKPCA) in Hong Kong. Currently, Ms. Cheung is a supervisor for school social workers in secondary school settings in a voluntary agency and an exco-member, counselor and group facilitator for the Dance With Depression Association, working with patients with depression and anxiety. Ms. Cheung specializes in treating adolescents and their families who are dealing with depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, trauma, mental illness, child abuse, suicide and family violence. She has conducted trainings in counseling and therapy in social work both in Hong Kong and China. Ms. Cheung has been in AEDP supervision and training with Danny Yeung, MD since 2006. In addition to AEDP, Ms. Cheung uses a combination of the Satir Model, Structural Family Therapy, Gestalt Therapy, Emotion-Focused Couple's Therapy, EMDR and Somatic Experiencing. She has taught at universities in Hong Kong, Australia and China, including City University of Hong Kong, Polytechnic University, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Monash University (Australia) and Sun-Yat Sang University (China). Ms. Cheung has been providing AEDP peer supervision for junior AEDP supervisees since 2009. In addition, she conducted workshops on AEDP for social workers and counselors from foster care services, school social workers and counseling services for the past two years in Hong Kong and China. She published more than 30 papers for international conferences, journals, book chapters and newsletters, as well as articles about the application of AEDP for working with clients with depression. As a therapist at the AEDP clinic for the Mental Health Association, Ms. Cheung has worked on integrating relational, intra-psychic and experiential elements into her clinical practice and developing and translating AEDP materials for the Chinese community.

Molly Eldridge, MSW, LICSW

Molly Eldridge, MSW, LICSW has been in private psychotherapy practice in Cape Cod, Massachusetts for over 25 years. As a certified AEDP supervisor, she offers individual supervision, both in person and online. She also runs several AEDP supervision groups - one, now in its third year, on Cape Cod and two others in the Boston area. She loves creating a safe environment and helping other therapists learn and grow their AEDP skills. As past assistant director of the Cape Cod Institute and current advisor, it was there, upon first hearing Diana Fosha in 2009, that she recognized that AEDP was her therapeutic “home”. Molly appreciates that AEDP makes something happen right away in sessions and provides a cogent theory with such heart. She will be presenting at the upcoming New England Society for the Treatment of Trauma and Dissociation Friday series and teaching Nuts and Bolts of AEDP with Natasha Prenn at the Cape Cod Institute. She has assisted at the Immersion Course with Diana Fosha; and in many Essential Skills courses with SueAnne Piliero and Natasha Prenn. She is on the AEDP Institute Diversity Committee and serves on the AEDP New England Planning Board. She is continually excited to share AEDP and learn together (always!).

Eileen A Epstein PhD, LCSW, MFT

Eileen A Epstein PhD, LCSW is a Certified AEDP Therapist & Supervisor with a private practice in Monroe Twp. NJ. She is also a Certified EFT Therapist since 2010 and a Clinical Member of AAMFT since 1987. She enjoys sharing her ever-widening expertise in teaching theory and practice to supervisees at all levels of AEDP training - both individually and group - in person and via the Zoom format. She served as the Coordinator of AEDP MidAtlantic for four years before passing her role on to the Steering Committee for AEDP MetroDC.

Eileen is grateful for the excellent guidance and/or supervision she has received from Diana Fosha; SueAnne Piliero; Eileen Russell; Ron Frederick; and Karen Pando-Mars. She has assisted in Essential Skills and Immersion Courses. She has served on the Regional Development Committee - and has participated in the AEDP Research Outcome Study.

Eileen has been a Clinical Social Worker since 1983 and a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist since 1987. She received her Certification in Psychoanalysis in 2002 and holds a BCD-P from the American Board of Examiners in Clinical Social Work. She holds a license in Clinical Social Work in NY, NJ, and MD. She is a Clinical Member of AAMFT. She is an alumnus of Hunter College BA 1970 (Communication Arts); Montclair State College MA 1981(Educational Psychology Specialization in Human Sexuality); Rutgers University MSW 1983 (Casework); New York University PhD 1992 (Clinical Social Work)

Lastly, she has recently moved back to land in NJ after living in Baltimore's Inner Harbor on her 43' Albin Trawler "Happy Together 2". She lived aboard for 22 years. She's open for business along with her compassionate dog, Skipper, a rescued Miniature Poodle Mix.

Goretti Faria MSW, RCSW, CCC

Goretti Faria, MSW, RCSW, CCC is a Registered Clinical Social Worker in private practice in Fort Langley, BC. She completed her Master of Social Work degree from McGill University in Montreal, Quebec. Goretti has over 30 years of experience in community mental health settings and in private practice. Her clinical foundation is in psychodynamic psychotherapy and family systems therapy, with training in EMDR, Internal Family Systems, and Solution-Focused therapy. In 2014 she found her therapeutic home in AEDP. She has assisted and held the Lead Assistant role for many ES1 and ES2 courses across the globe. Goretti is deeply grateful for the rich learning and mentoring she’s received from her supervisors including Ron Frederick, SueAnne Piliero, Karen Kranz, Jenn Edlin, and Jerry Lamagna. She has been an active member of AEDP Vancouver, a group committed to the growth of AEDP in Vancouver and surrounding area.

As is true for many who have studied this approach, Goretti has experienced the personal and professional transformative power of the model. She approaches supervision as a process, much like AEDP therapy, where authenticity and personal agency are unearthed. Her focus is on co-creating a safe and secure collaborative experience where the supervisee can develop their unique therapeutic talents while together striving for healing and transformation for the client. Goretti views the relationship between client, therapist, and supervisor as an expression of a shared humanity as each individual in the process and practice of AEDP is afforded the opportunity to grow in pursuit of their best professional and individual selves.

Donna Fraser, LMFT

Donna FraserDonna Fraser, LMFT, is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in private practice in San Francisco since 1997. She is a graduate of the California Institute of Integral Studies where she received her Master's degree in Drama Therapy. Ms. Fraser comes to AEDP with a background in social work, somatics and experiential therapies. She is a founding member of AEDP West in the San Francisco Bay Area and received certification as an AEDP therapist in January 2008. She was a member of the first AEDP Core Training taught on the west coast by Dr. Ron Frederick. She feels honored to have received extensive training and consultation in AEDP from Ron Frederick, PhD; Diana Fosha, PhD; and Benjamin Lipton, LCSW. Ms. Fraser's drive to understand how change happens, and specifically, how we can help clients mobilize toward health and healing, led her to AEDP. She feels grateful to be practicing psychotherapy at a time when it is informed by so many contributions from other fields – attachment theory, neuroscience, somatics, emotion theory and mindfulness - making our practice of psychotherapy more effective, a powerful tool for change, and an art that is a pleasure to practice. In addition to her work with individuals, Ms. Fraser also works with couples from an attachment-based, emotion-focused perspective. She has trained extensively in EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy for couples) and PACT (Psychobiological Approach to Couples Therapy).

Matt Fried, MA, Ph.D., MFA

Matt Fried, MA, Ph.D., MFA has been a psychotherapist for over four decades in NYC. Matt is in private practice in Manhattan, working with individuals, couples and groups. He's a certified AEDP therapist and supervisor. Matt is co-chair of the AEDP MetroNYC Community and co-chair of the AEDP Diversity Initiative, he derives great satisfaction helping therapists put AEDP into practice and helping them actualize their unique therapeutic capacities.

Matt has presented and taught AEDP in various training settings including the Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy, the AEDP Diversity Supervision Group, the AEDP communtieis in Ithaca, NY & Minneapolis, MN, and has assisted in various AEDP Institute Training courses including the AEDP Immersion and AEDP Essential Skills courses.

Matt is also a certified PBSP supervisor and trainer, and have been certified as a Feldenkrais Practitioner and in NLP. Matt also coordinated the Psych Resources Team for the 2017 & 2018 Women’s March on NYC. His article:  “Signs of Transformance From the Asylum,” appears in the latest issue of the journal Transformance.

Richard Harrison, PhD

Richard Harrison, PhD, is a Registered Psychologist and Certified AEDP Therapist and Supervisor with over 25 years’ experience as a clinician, educator, and group facilitator. He was trained and supervised in AEDP by Diana Fosha, founder of the model, and has taught with her at AEDP Immersion Courses in Vancouver and the UK. Richard is also a Certified EFT Therapist and Supervisor. He maintains a full caseload with individuals and couples in private practice, and teaches and supervises graduate students in the Counselling Psychology and Psychiatry departments at the University of British Columbia. Richard also leads the weekly supervision group for participating therapists in phase two of the AEDP research study. He has authored publications on the theory and practice of AEDP, preventing vicarious traumatization, therapist self-care, and supervision in professional journals, including “Nurturing Professional Transformance through AEDP Supervision” in the Transformance Journal, and his recent article in Psychotherapy: "Termination in 16-session accelerated experiential dynamic psychotherapy (AEDP): Together in how we say goodbye." As a supervisor and presenter, Richard is valued for his warmth, clarity, and engaging style. He genuinely delights in helping people grow and thrive in their personal and professional lives.

Hilary Jacobs Hendel, LCSW

Hilary Jacobs HandelHilary Jacobs Hendel, LCSW, has been involved in the AEDP community since 2004. She first heard Diana present at a conference on Affect Regulation at Mount Sinai Hospital in 2003—and was truly inspired. Other major influences are Benjamin Lipton, Eileen Russell, and Natasha Prenn with whom she attended the 2004 AEDP Immersion Course. Dr. Hendel received her AEDP Certification in 2010. Also in 2004, she graduated with a Masters in Social Work from Fordham University. She gradually built her practice and continued her education at the Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy where she earned a Certificate in Psychoanalysis and Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy in 2008. Ms. Hendel has a background in the sciences, which began at the Bronx High School of Science. She majored in biochemistry at Wesleyan University and received a DDS from Columbia University. The education at Columbia included neuroscience, which has become so relevant in understanding why AEDP is so effective. She has also enjoyed being the Mental Health Consultant for the television series Mad Men.

Lia Jones, LMFT

Lia Jones, LMFT is a Certified AEDP Supervisor and licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in private practice in Denver, Colorado. She found her theoretical and heart home in AEDP when she attended the first Immersion course in 2003.  After two years of core training with Diana Fosha and a year of multi faculty core training in the San Francisco Bay Area, Lia moved to Colorado where she founded the AEDP Rocky Mountain community which hosts AEDP workshops and 'lunch and learns' for the growing AEDP community in the Colorado region. She was supervised by Faculty Jenn Edlin and Anne Cooper for her AEDP Supervisor certification and works with Ron Frederick and Jenn Edlin as her on going consultants.  She provides seminars on introductions to AEDP and organizes, and adjunct teaches and supervises at the Multi-Faculty Denver Core Trainings. Lia has assisted multiple times at ES courses nationally and internationally, has served as lead assistant to ES in NYC and LA and is currently working with the Institute on a community development project. Lia brings humor, compassion, and an embodied experience of AEDP to her work. She is passionate about introducing clinicians to AEDP, growing AEDP communities, and practicing, supervising and training from the AEDP model. Lia currently supervises in person and zoom groups and individuals in AEDP.

Leonora Lorenzo, MSW, LCSW, BCST

Leonora Lorenzo is a License Clinical Social Worker and Bodyworker in Santa Fe, New Mexico.For nearly three decades she has cross pollinated her psychotherapeutic work with various forms of hands on and remote body works, the most well known of those are Biodynamic Cranio-Sacral Therapy and Orth-Bionony; she is a certified practitioner of both.
Leonora made her start in AEDP at the first ever AEDP West offering of ESI, back in 2010.  Since then she has gone on to become a certified AEDP therapist and supervisor.
Other areas of training and study which inform and guide her work include the realms of pre and peri- natal psychology, communications theory and practice, experiential ontology and the facilitation grief rituals as well as accompanying people on their end of life journeys. She loves to laugh and loves comedy, and even tried her hand at stand up, but realized that being a sit-down therapist was more suited to her temperament!
Still she ever inspired by the collective power of Love, Listening,  Laughter, Tears and Life Itself.

Robin Kerner, PhD

Robin KernerRobin Kerner, PhD is a licensed clinical psychologist and has been immersed in AEDP since 2005. She earned her doctoral degree in clinical psychology at the City University of New York, where she was first exposed to Dr. Fosha and short-term dynamic psychotherapy. After following her for several years, Dr. Kerner began formal training with Dr. Fosha with the Immersion Course followed by three years of Core Training and individual supervision. She has been an active member of the AEDP community ever since. Dr. Kerner is also trained in Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy (ISTDP), Internal Family Systems (IFS) Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples (EFT), and Motivation Interviewing (MI), all of which she integrates into her AEDP orientation. She hopes to accumulate even more acronyms in the coming years. Dr. Kerner is a faculty member in the Department of Psychiatry at St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital and an Assistant Clinical Professor at the Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons in New York City. In these roles, Dr. Kerner teaches, trains, and supervises staff in AEDP and other short-term dynamic and emotion-based psychotherapies. Dr. Kerner also maintains a private practice on the Upper West Side of Manhattan where she provides private and group supervision in AEDP. She is often joined in her sessions by her certified therapy dog, Magic, who while not formally trained in AEDP, certainly embodies secure attachment and emotional attunement. Prior to her career in psychology, Dr. Kerner worked as a television producer and also provides technical consultation and video editing services to the AEDP community. That being said, like all of us, she has been known to review a disc of a great session only to find it silent, out of focus, or recorded with the camera turned off!

Miriam Marsolais, PhD

Miriam Marsolais, PhD, is a licensed psychologist and Jungian Analyst in Berkeley, California.  She served as AEDP Faculty from 2014 until  2018, when she transitioned to her current role as AEDP Faculty Emerita & Supervisor. In addition to her private clinical practice, Dr. Marsolais provides supervision to therapists wishing to train in AEDP and the certified AEDP therapists on the Supervisor Certification track.  She also hosts and leads retreat-style AEDP group supervision weekends in the beautiful natural setting of The Sea Ranch on the northern California coast.

As a young adult Dr. Marsolais performed as a violinist, was a nun and taught high school science and mathematics. Following a near-fatal burn injury, her life took a major turn and her passions were redirected towards the study of history, psychology and Eastern mind/body practices.  Dr. Marsolais is inspired and challenged by AEDP’s dynamic, integrative clinical approach and is grateful to have found her professional home in the AEDP community. She is deeply engaged in extending AEDP practice into the domain of the sleeping self through relational andphenomenological work with dream experience.  Through this work, she is exploring new pathways to healing from early relational trauma and PTSD. She is also exploring the resonances between AEDP and East-West mind/body practices, and how integration of these traditions with AEDP can enrich AEDP practice, training and supervision.

Annika Medbo, MA

Annika Medbo, MA is an AEDP Certified Supervisor and an active member of the AEDP Stockholm community.  She is a licensed psychotherapist, a licensed physiotherapist, supervisor, and has a private practice in Stockholm.

Annika´s clinical interests are in trauma and dissociation with a special interest in the use and development of non-verbal processes that can work to enhance and facilitate growth and healing. This interest started before AEDP when Annika was working in psychiatric clinics and striving to meet her patients “beyond diagnosis”, listen to the nonverbal “calls” for connection, rather than focusing on defences and pathology. Her interest for nonverbal processes expanded when she supervised psychotherapy students in Infant Observation at one of the main Psychotherapy Institutes in Stockholm. When Annika discovered AEDP, she found a theoretical base and language for these kind of processes.  In her AEDP supervisor training and clinical work she has found how providing a space that allows for right-brain-to-right-brain communication accelerates the development of safety, growth and healing in parallel processes with the supervisees and their patients.

Annika has assisted in Immersion with Diana Fosha in Stockholm, Essential skills with Ron Frederick in Stockholm and Parma, where she presented her own clinical work, and in Israel with SueAnne Piliero.

In addition to AEDP, Annika is trained in body-oriented Psychotherapy and has a clinical background from working 15 years in different psychiatric settings.

Molly Morgan, LCSW

Molly Morgan, LCSW is in private practice in NYC on the Upper West Side, and offers individual and small group supervision in person and online. She began studying AEDP with the inaugural Essential Skills course in 2010, and went on to study with Diana Fosha for four years. She trained to be an AEDP supervisor with Natasha Prenn, and has assisted at NYC Immersion and Essential Skills courses for five years.

Molly has presented her work in NYC at the Metro NYC meetings. She loves teaching AEDP and is especially interested in teaching and learning AEDP as a personal and professional transformational process. Her article, “How to Be an AEDP Supervisee: Prepare to Be Transformed” was published in the Fall, 2017 issue of Transformance.

Molly integrates a range of experiential modalities. She is a certified EFT therapist, certified in Positive Psychology from the Flourishing Center in NYC, is a Level 3 EMDR practitioner, a certified Kripalu yoga teacher, and has studied IFS, NLP and clinical hypnosis. She earned her Master in Clinical Social Work from Columbia.

Netta Ofer

Neta Ofer profile picNetta Ofer is an Educational Psychologist and a certified AEDP supervisor. Netta started (informally) practicing and teaching AEDP in 2006 and laid the first milestones in establishing the Israeli AEDP
community, supervising and teaching for many years many of which are now part of the Israeli assistant team. In 2011 together with prof. Esther Cohen, Ofer Maurer and Osnat Cohen Ganor, she helped establish the cooperation between the AEDP institute and The IDC “New School of Psychotherapy” and was the first ambassador of the AEDP Institute to Israel.

Today Netta is a senior faculty in the “New School of Psychotherapy” in the IDC and Geha Hospital, where she teaches courses in AEDP and in the treatment of complex trauma as well as supervises groups and individuals. Netta is a certified trainer in CPP (Child Parent Psychotherapy) with traumatized infants and parents and trains clinicians in this model in various welfare agencies, hospitals and public clinics.

Netta has a private practice in Srigim and Tel Aviv where she does psychotherapy and supervises groups and individuals in AEDP and integrative treatment for adults, infants, children, parents and families. Netta has published four chapters in books edited by professor Esther Cohen on the subject of “Parent Therapy” one of them in collaboration with Niv Gross on the ways to practice AEDP with parents. Netta has presented special workshops on working with portrayals with Hans Welling in Israel and Lisbon and presented a special workshop on working with pathogenic shame with Einat Shaked in Israel and Lisbon.

Netta has presented 4 international workshops through ISC on working with fear in Corona times.

Netta is currently working on a book about portrayals in AEDP with Hans welling.

Jenna Osiason, PhD

Jenna OsiasonJenna Osiason, PhD, is a licensed clinical psychologist and AEDP Supervisor who was a founding member of AEDP Institute and served as Senior Faculty from 2004 until  2021 when she transitioned to her current role as AEDP Faculty Emerita. She began short-term psychotherapy training at the Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy Institute of Denville, New Jersey, training in Accelerated Emphatic Therapy. She has been working with Dr. Fosha since 1992 analyzing videotaped psychotherapy sessions, focusing on the use of empathy to restructure defenses. This work has lead to the rich development of AEDP techniques to facilitate treatment and enhance access to core affect, strengthen the experience of self-regulation, and deepen self/other bonds. Dr. Osiason has given workshops on AEDP to mental health sites throughout New York City. Her current interest is on the integration of AEDP with neuroscience as it relates to attachment and emotion. She is on the adjunct faculty of NYU Medical Center-Bellevue Hospital, City University of New York, and Rutgers State University of New Jersey. Dr. Osiason supervises in AEDP and is in private practice in New York City.


Regina Pontes, MS

Regina PontesRegina Pontes, MS and AEDP Certified Supervisor has devoted her professional life to psychotherapy and the understanding of emotions and how they can lead to transformative life-changing experiences. She is a professor, clinical psychologist and supervisor, and couples therapist. Since 1992, Ms. Pontes has been a professor at the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro’s Psychology Department (PUC) teaching Psychotherapy, Psychological Assessment and Clinical Training. Alongside her academic journey she worked for 20 years at the Santa Casa da Misericórdia General Hospital of Rio de Janeiro in the Psychiatric Service of the Psychotherapy Department, leading psychotherapy group sessions, teaching Brief Dynamic Psychotherapy and working with individual and group clinical treatments. She has also extensive training in Somatic Experiencing and Mindfulness Instructor from Mindfulness Training International.

Ms. Pontes` background and training have always been Integrative Short-term Dynamic Psychotherapy in individual and group models. She obtained her Master's Degree by developing a Focal Dynamic Group Psychotherapy Model, which she worked extensively and intensely for ten years, expanding group psychotherapy for specific contexts. After being introduced to Dr. Fosha’s theory, she attended the Immersion Courses 1 and 2, workshops and seminars where she was trained by Dr. Kari Gleiser. Since then, she has focused her interest on AEDP’s expansion in the academic milieu, giving workshops and lectures in Rio de Janeiro. Since the vocational and professional training of new clinicians have always been one of her greatest passions, she, together with Maria Candida Soares, created the first AEDP-Brasil Institute where she coordinates and ministers a two-year course AEDP-NeuroPsychoTherapy, developing academic instruction and clinical training in AEDP. For more information, visit or Contact 55 21 2579-3568 / 55 21 99967-4771

Esther Poon, MFT

Esther Poon, MFT is a Certified AEDP Therapist and Supervisor in private practice in Hong Kong.  She has been in AEDP supervision and training with Danny Yeung, MD since 2008. She became certified as an AEDP therapist in 2013 and as a Supervisor in 2018.  She is the Pre-Clinical Member of AAMFT, Certified Clinical Supervisor both in Hong Kong Marriage and Family Therapy Association and Hong Kong Professional Counselling Association.  She has also been the clinical supervisor in the City University of Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Baptist University. She is the founder of a trauma healing centre in Hong Kong, specialized in treating clients with depression and anxiety, particularly those with relational trauma and emotional hurts.  As a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP®) with Marriage & Family Therapy training, Esther strives to integrate the concepts and skills in working with individuals and families in affect regulations, strengthening attachment bonding and facilitating growth and healing.  She also has the passion to share with clinicians the healing power of AEDP and help the growth of AEDP in Chinese community.

Kelly Prothero, LCSW

Kelly Prothero, LCSW, is a psychotherapist with a private practice in Portland, Oregon. After earning her graduate degree from Smith College School for Social Work, Kelly worked in community mental health settings in New York City.

After moving to the West Coast in 2011, Kelly was introduced to AEDP and became quickly drawn to the healing potential of the AEDP model. Kelly went on to become a Certified AEDP Therapist and Supervisor under the mentorship and supervision of SueAnne Piliero, Jenna Osiason, Karen Pando-Mars and Jerry Lamagna.

Kelly has assisted in numerous Essential Skills and Core Training courses throughout the country. She has been instrumental in forming and developing Portland AEDP, a group committed to the development and growth of AEDP in Portland and surrounding areas.

In addition to her clinical practice, Kelly brings over 20 years of yoga experience to her work. She is a certified yoga teacher and studied Yoga Nidra meditation extensively with psychologist, Dr. Richard Miller. It was her background in yoga that opened Kelly to the experiential and transformational healing aspects of AEDP.

Kelly brings warmth, humor and authenticity to her work as both an AEDP Therapist and Supervisor. Her clinical interests include treating trauma and dissociation and using “intra-relational” and bold relational clinical methods to facilitate transformational healing.

Idit Ronen-Setter, MFT

Idit Ronen-Setter, MFT, is a certified AEDP therapist and supervisor, working in Israel. Idit has received her MA and Family Therapy Certification from Tel Aviv University and has practiced therapy with individuals, couples and families, in Aluma Therapy Center and private practice, since 2006. She completed the certified studies of treatment of stress and trauma, at The Trauma Center (Boston, MA), directed by Dr. Bessel Van Der Kolk (2013-2014).

Nowadays, Idit is teaching family therapy and AEDP through the Ministry of Social Services, and through the Israeli Association of Couples and Family Therapy. Since June 2018, Idit has been appointed the formal AEDP liaison for the Israeli community. In addition, since 2015 she is supervising a medical forum for couples and families in crisis. Her article (with Prof. Esther Cohen) was recently published at the Journal of Contemporary Psychotherapy (2020), called “Becoming ‘teletherapeutic’: Harnessing Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy for challenges of the Covid-19 era.”

Idit made her first encounter with AEDP during her training at The Trauma Center. Since then, feeling "positively hooked" with AEDP as a compass for psychotherapy in practice, she has traveled between Israel, the United States and Europe, in her quest for professional AEDP development. She is glad to have had the guidance of faculty members and senior faculty in enhancing her knowledge and expertise in AEDP. Alongside, she is profoundly learning from clients and supervisees who bring life into practice. With supervisees, she sees her role as part of a mutual quest towards grasping transformational healing processes, while promoting an affirmative sense of self within the therapist.

Judy Silberstein, LCSW

Judy Silberstein, LCSW has been an experiential therapist for over 30 years and has a private practice in NYC. She has been in small group/individual supervision with Diana Fosha & Natasha Prenn and has assisted in Immersion, Essential Skills (ES1 & ES2). She is the co-chair of AEDP Metro NYC - a salon style learning community dedicated to nurturing and growing AEDP in the metropolitan area. 

With her roots in somatic therapy, Judy specializes in using the intersubjective field and AEDP–IR to help process and heal traumatized clients and their parts. 

“As an AEDP supervisor, I see supervision as a three-way collaboration between the minds and hearts of the supervisor, therapist and patient on tape. It is deeply gratifying for me to encourage, support and launch budding therapists and witness them become solid and sure footed AEDP therapists. I am grateful to my supervisees because they have offered me the privilege of growing alongside with them!”

Judy Silvan, LICSW

Judy Silvan, LICSW offers AEDP therapy, certified AEDP supervision and teaches workshops for new and seasoned AEDP trainees to integrate AEDP skills with prior expertise in other models (eg.,psychoanalysis, ISTDP, IFS, SE, Bioenergetics, etc.).  For AEDP clinicians seeking a holistic learning experience, supervision with Judy leads to deepened skills through vulnerable processing of current and historical experiences related to counter-transference and other clinical questions and material. For those who wish to earn hours towards AEDP certification, her expertise creates a safe and abundant supervision experience, using what is gleaned from viewing clinical sessions. Her trainees learn the value of moment-to-moment tracking, and the 'how to's' of switching from an interpretive or analytical mode to an experiential mode. She will help you develop interventions reflecting your individual level of skill and process. This includes getting started with simple videotaping of sessions,  instructions on how to request/receive patient or client permission, and how to follow guidelines for patient privacy.

Judy says of her AEDP practice, "Helping people uncover their tenderness and their core strength is the healing hallmark of my work. I offer AEDP therapy and supervision to people of all genders, skill-level, races, ethnicities, learning styles, and sexual orientations, and am well-versed in oppression, and injustices based on your race, sexuality, gender, family composition, body type (et al). I have been around many challenges and appreciate the intricacies and complexities of this work."

Judy's career also includes consultation to universities, clinics, group practices and hospitals; she has produced and led workshops and retreats around the US and internationally. She is internationally Certified in Bioenergetic Analysis (2004) and has Certification with Institute of Meditation and Psychotherapy (2011). She received her MSW from Smith College and is licensed to practice psychotherapy in both MA and CA (CA lic. # 61755). She feels a passion to practice and teach experiential methods of psychotherapy, and shares an AEDP supervision process which develops supervisees’ neuroplasticity, to enhance clarity, possibility and joy as a professional.

Jessica Slatus, LCSW

Jessica Slatus, LCSW is a psychotherapist in private practice in Boulder, CO.  Jessica is a Certified AEDP therapist and supervisor and has been in training with Natasha Prenn and Diana Fosha since completing the inaugural Essential Skills class in 2010-2011.  She has assisted at the Essential Skills 1 and 2 and Immersion Courses in New York City and presented alongside Natasha Prenn at the 2014 AEDP NYC Seminar Series in a workshop entitled “True Self, True Other, True Other: Undoing Aloneness and Co-Creating Transformational Experience in the Therapeutic and Supervisory Relationships.”

Prior to finding AEDP, she worked as a bilingual clinician at an outpatient mental health clinic of the Jewish Board of Family and Children’s Services and as a staff therapist at both the Center for the Study of Anorexia and Bulimia (CSAB) and the Sexual Addiction Treatment and Training Institute.  She has a post-masters certificate in the treatment of eating disorders from CSAB, and is currently writing a paper about working with eating disorders using AEDP.

Jessica received her Masters degree in Social Work from New York University and her undergraduate degree in Spanish from Vassar College.  Her clinical interests include working cross-culturally and cross-linguistically using AEDP, the application of AEDP to work with eating disordered patients, and the intersection of trauma and eating disorders. She is available for both psychotherapy and supervision.

Maria Candida S. Soares

Maria Candida SoaresMaria Candida S. Soares holds a psychology degree from PUC-RJ (1973). She initiated her clinical training at IBRAPSI (Brazilian Institute for Psychoanalysis, Groups and Institutions), attending adults in her private practice. In the 1990’s she felt the need for new sources of tools and theories, and, therefore, studied Brief Psychotherapy based on ISTDP and more specifically, the Leigh McCullough’s theory, and graduated from the Department of Psychiatry at Santa Casa da Misericordia Hospital in Rio de Janeiro (1998). After graduation from this course, she became part of the staff as teacher and supervisor and conducted therapeutic groups for eating disorders and unemployed people. Her first encounter with AEDP happened when Diana Fosha came to Brazil to facilitate a workshop in 2000. The focus on the relational dyad, the clear picture of emotional moments expressed during the session and the human approach were some of the AEDP elements that enchanted and captivated her. Since then Maria Candida participated in the following activities: The Clinical Phenomenology of Emotion – Workshop facilitated by Diana Fosha and Leslie Greenberg (Adelphi University, New York, 2002); Immersion Course I (New York, 2011) and Immersion Course II with Diana Fosha (Esalen, CA, 2012); and Core Training plus supervision with Kari Gleiser.  She was certified both as AEDP psychotherapist (2014) and AEDP supervisor (2015).

In 2006, after translating Diana Fosha’s book The Transforming Power of Affect to Portuguese, she and Regina Pontes launched an independent course taught in AEDP format in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and created, with Diana’s approval, the AEDP Brazil Institute. Maria Candida also studied with Marion Hendricks in her course “Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapy” and held an extension course degree in ‘Somatic Experience’ from the Brazilian Association of Trauma. She is co-author of the book Virando gente: a história do nascimento psíquico (Becoming Someone: the story of the psychic birth), that describes different aspects of child development and intersubjectivity, subjects she finds fascinating.

Wendy Summer, LPC

Wendy Summer is a licensed professional counselor in private practice in Charlottesville, Virginia. She is the co-leader of AEDP Virginia and has been instrumental in bringing AEDP to Virginia, where a thriving regional community now exists. Wendy’s private practice ( focuses on treating young and emerging adults, and she specializes in using AEDP with this population. In 2020, she wrote a journal Transformance article ( about her AEDP-informed approach to working with young adults.

Wendy’s supervision style, much like her style as a therapist, is collaborative, active and attuned. One of her greatest professional delights is helping therapists discover their unique, therapist-at-best selves, allowing the transformance drive to fuel this growth process. Wendy brings deep caring and humor to her work as well as the ability to break down complex AEDP concepts into digestible and accessible chunks. Wendy received her counseling degrees from the University of Virginia and has been involved in multiple aspects of AEDP learning and teaching since 2013. Wendy offers both individual and group supervision and has a particular appreciation for the Core Training format.

Anna Christina Sundgren, MA

Anna Christina Sundgren, MA is a Licensed  Psychotherapist, teacher and Supervisor. She runs a private practice in Stockholm, Sweden since 18 years. Anna Christina became a certified AEDP-therapist in 2015, and an AEDP Supervisor in 2016. Before she became a licensed psychotherapist she worked as a High School teacher in Literature and Adult Education. Anna Christina also studied Jungian Psychology.  She is trained in Short-term Dynamic Therapy and is a Mindfulness Instructor. She has worked with domestic violence treatment, especially group therapy with male perpetrators. Since many years she has been a supervisor for social workers, therapists and health professionals besides her client work. Anna Christina has supervised therapy students in Infant Observations, a relational attachment focused model inspired of AEDP. Since 2016 she supervises therapists in AEDP training, both indivually and in groups. She has assisted Immersion Course with Diana Fosha and she has assisted in Essential Skills in Stockholm, Sweden and  Parma, Italy, where she also presented her own clinical work. She has done several AEDP-presentations and workshops, and an Introduction Course in AEDP. Anna Christina is a devoted AEDP therapist and supervisor who loves helping therapists to grow and flourish through AEDP while creating safety and a warm and caring atmosphere, a platform for exploration together. She also provides Zoom Supervision.

Martina Verba, PhD

Martina Verba, PhD is a certified AEDP therapist and supervisor in private practice in Westchester County. She fell in love with AEDP when she took the Immersion course in 2008. She has assisted multiple times at the NYC Immersion course with Diana Fosha, Essential Skills 1 and 2 with Natasha Prenn, and the retreat-style Essential Skills course with Ben Lipton and Eileen Russell. Martina is a member of the AEDP NYC-Metro steering committee, a moderator for the listserv, and a post-treatment interviewer for the AEDP research program. She has extensive experience working with patients with eating disorders; she has written and presented on the use AEDP in treating this population.

Prior to finding AEDP, Martina worked as an eating disorder specialist at Kaiser Permanente in Northern California, a staff therapist at Harvard University’s mental health service, an adjunct professor at Simmons College, and the Director of Counseling at a program for at-risk youth in Boston. She is the co-author of a chapter on safety in connection among at-risk adolescent girls in Urban Girls Revisited: Building Strengths (NYU Press, 2007).

She received her undergraduate degree in from Harvard University, her Master of Social Work from Columbia University, her Master of Public Health from Harvard University, and her Doctor of Social Work from the University of Pennsylvania.

Martina brings authenticity, a sense of humor, and a profound appreciation for the process and practice of AEDP to her work with clients and supervisees.

Judy Wong, MFT

Judy WongJudy Wong, MFT, was deeply inspired by and found much resonance with AEDP Senior Faculty Member Danny Yeung's work when attending the 2006 Hong Kong Immersion course. In 2007, she participated in Danny Yeung's first Core Training group and since 2009 has been a peer supervision facilitator for Hong Kong Core Trainings. Through these years of AEDP exposure, Ms. Wong's clinical repertoire has been deeply enriched and expanded. With previous training in Marriage & Family Therapy, Somatic Experiencing and mindfulness, it is natural for her to integrate her knowledge and skills in AEDP in working with individuals and couples for affect regulation, deepening attachment bond between members of couples, enhancing self reflective capacity and neural integration. Ms. Wong shares the vision and passion of disseminating AEDP in China. She is especially interested in working with complex trauma in mainland China, focusing on fine tuning AEDP with the recognition of their distinct history and cultural features.

Kwok Wing Wu

Kwok Wing WuKwok Wing Wu is a registered clinical psychologist working for the Mental Health Association of Hong Kong. Inspired by the work of Dr. Fosha, he has received five-years of advanced training in AEDP with Dr. Yeung. He worked closely with Dr. Yeung and his colleagues to establish the first centre based AEDP service in Hong Kong that serves the local Chinese community. With tremendous support from the MHAHK, he coordinated all trainings, supervision, services and publications in Hong Kong. The journey of his learning in AEDP reached a climax in 2010 when Dr. Fosha came to Hong Kong. From her direct teaching, he further developed a deep sense of trust with the essence of AEDP, experiencing a sense of coming home in the journey of his work in psychotherapy.


Gail Woods, LCSW, LMFT

Gail Woods LCSW, LMFT, is based in New York City and Hudson Valley, trained at Columbia University School of Social Work and Ackerman Institute for Family Therapy, and brings 40+ years of diverse clinical experience to her passion for AEDP. She specializes in trauma processing (also trained in SE and EMDR) and couples work. She co-helmed a 16-session Consultation Group for Advanced Clinicians with Faculty member, Jenn Edlin and has presented and written on 16 Session Time-limited AEDP Therapy. She initiated an ongoing AEDP-Systems consultation group where senior clinicians explore ways to integrate AEDP and systems therapy. She enjoys AEDP supervision and therapy with people of all spiritual, sexual, cultural and ethnic orientations.

"From AEDP Day One I was drawn to AEDP's I-Thou , True Self/ True Other deeply relational approach to both therapy and supervision. AEDP, alongside mindfulness practice, has greatly expanded my sense of the preciousness and worthiness of every life I touch & that touches me. We all deserve AEDP's exquisite attention to our resilient gimmers and core truths. AEDP is soul-work. I aim to embody this truth as Supervisor, Therapist, and in all my relationships.”

H. Jacquie Ye-Perman, PhD

I am an AEDP Certified Supervisor and Therapist, and a licensed psychologist in private practice in Iowa, U.S. I provide online individual and group supervision in the U.S., China, and internationally. I also travel to China to teach AEDP courses, and I assist in AEDP courses in the U.S. and Canada. I am enthusiastic about the topic of cross-cultural applicability of AEDP and have written and presented on this topic with Diana Fosha at the SEPI 2019 conference.

I grew up in China and moved to Canada in 2001, to study psychology, and to look for an answer to my life. Encountering Diana Fosha and AEDP marked the end of my wandering, and the beginning of my path of clarity, determination, and joy, incidentally in both professional and personal life. I find it invigorating to be living amongst my fellow AEDP-ers, to learn from my AEDP teachers, supervisors (Diana Fosha, Karen Pando-Mars, Danny Yeung), peers, students and supervisees alike. With two near-death past experiences in mind, I take it as part of my life mission to translate Diana Fosha’s “the Transforming Power of Affects” into Chinese, along side other translation work. I also work on being a translator in supervising and teaching, such that I use my own voice to articulate AEDP, in a way that could be experienced/felt by the supervisee, based on their own backgrounds and “languages”. I also pay attention to needs for short-term treatment based on my years of work at college counseling settings, and enjoy incorporating the power of AEDP in my work with couples and groups.

Outside being an AEDP “nerd”, you may find me indulging in “the British Baking Show”, trying out Flamenco dance, listening to my parents’ stories about political trauma and changes, debating with my Scandinavian-American, ethnomusicologist husband, and learning from my ever evolving todler son and baby daughter.